Ship experience point and levels

Idea for receiving levels and different bonus for using a ship depending on its type, use and role. Calculated from PVE , PVP and Mining

That is not the Eve-way. Ships are just tools that you use and abuse until they are destroyed. Your tools do not “level up”.

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So if I kill someone in PvP I get a level that increases damage to players. Time to shoot my alts until my velator can one shot a titan.

fine then, no pvp bonuses

I’m still waiting to hear why this should be added?

This system already exists. its called skill training. the more levels you gain in the relevant skill, the better you will preform with that particular ship and role. why over-complicate something that already exists.

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it wouldn’t be complicated. I saying someone like myself who rats a lot, you would think a person might become more efficient at popping particular faction of rats if they’ve killed copious amount of that one faction. It would add another area from players to work towards.

yes, and that already happens. the more you kill a certain type of rat, the more you train into and skill up ships that do well against them. and the more you fine-tune your fit to do it as efficiently as possible.

so what your asking for already exists in the game. why do we need more?

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You train a broad range of skills to effect every ship in the game, show me one skill that gives me a bonus to dps, resistance to armor and shields or even crit. damage for engaging a Sansha ship.

why would you even want that, when by your own admission there are already skills in the game that make you better at engaging ANY ship, not just sansha.

but if you want an example, sure, the most overpowered skill in eve is knowledge and experience. you rat against sansha enough, sooner or later you find out that they are weak to em/therm and that they primarily deal em/therm damage. so by switching to amarr drones, and using EM ammo, you can kill them more efficiently than someone who doesn’t have that knowledge. by tanking against their damage type you can optimize your resists freeing up more room for dps mods, further increasing your efficiency.

little bit more skill and you figure out that they use tracking disruptors for ECM, so you either fit for tracking, or use drones/missiles that don’t rely on it.

Skill in eve has never been strictly about the stats on a page. there are plenty of skills you can train in the game, and more that you can learn out of game. so again, I ask you. if there are already multiple options for getting better at a particular task through practice and leveling up skills. why should there be another?

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yay another troll.

I’m going to stop replying to you and your negativity

I think its a valid idea, Other games have incorporated it into the mechanics of the game without making it complicated.

not trolling, asking a legitimate question that you seem to be unable to answer.
skills already exist, both in game and out of game that accomplish exactly what you are asking for, so why do you think that we need more? what would it add to the game that doesn’t already exist. how would it benefit players in the long run, lets say we go ahead with your idea. and lets say for every 1000 sansha you kill or whatever you do 1% more damage to sansha…

okay, so now new players who move out to your area of space have to grind for however long it takes just to catch up with people who’ve been there longer. and what happens in a year, or two years, when everyone has gone out and maxed their bonuses to whatever it is, and that is now the new baseline. any advantage you would have gained is gone, since everyone has the exact same advantage, but now newer players or people who are just moving to a new area are forced to go through a huge grind just to remain competitive.
Its the same problem we ran into with training skills, and part of why they where eventually removed. because something that started out as a “bonus” if you trained a certain thing, or did a certain thing, very quickly became something that was practically mandatory in order to be relevant.

So again, i’m going to ask you, what exactly does your idea add that benefits the game and doesn’t already exist.

Other games also have a very different skilling-system when compared to Eve, which makes this idea of yours pointless.

That’s because other games want you to grind to make your character more powerful . Eve has you grind for isk. Isk= more blingy modules = more “power” or more realistic more blingy killmail.

I could get behind unlockable cosmetics, but nothing that effects performance.

go play WoW then carebear

There should be a thread of most common bad ideas to improve Eve. This would be one of them.

To elaborate why this would be on the list. This would force players to fly only a few types of ships. Even the effect of balance passes would be diminished. Eg if Gila was nerfed, it would still be used since no one has skilled for the others.
Also as said before in this thread the current system is superior compared to the one suggested by OP.

Guess I found the best way to draw out the most unimaginative opinionated capsuleers in EVE.

No you suggested an idea that goes against Eves play style. Also it would make bots stronger and more efficient, not a good idea.