Ship Festival - which ship would you bring?

I would like a Ship that would sound like a Harley as for what ship I would bring it would be my rookie ship I think it looks awesome


my trusted executioner for sure

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  • Parade
  • Then fireworks fest
  • Then take the party to low sec for a Destruction Derby

Target painter Drake.
(yeah I was asked to put them on a Drake for a Spectre Fleet outing I was just following orders…)

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How fun would this be if CCP did this:

1 system (preferably in a central location):
1 day each year
No pvp will be allowed in this system
Capital ships from low/nullsec are allowed to enter/leave via cyno jump.

Purpose: Flashy ship festival

You could say “Well, you could just go to Jita for a festival of lights. There are thousands of ships if that’s all you want to look at”.

And I would say…well what would I say?

Another bad idea?


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One of the most fun player-organized events I’ve been in was a deathrace to the evegate and back. iirc there was a bonus for completing it in a hauler. I actually made it partway back before it was red glowing dust time. There was a lot of destruction between participants blowing each other up scrambling for prizes and folks preying on the salmon-run-like race.
So gooey. Much fun.

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That sounds like a great time, alright. There used to be a racing league that was kind of like that. Race sthrough low sec systems, with PVP between participants allowed. And of course, PVP coming from non-participants a random hazard. The courses would run through lower population systems though. Sadly it died out, because one of the organizers scammed it or something.

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Death Race…

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I’d bring flashy 1 mil ehp Impel and laugh as people try to kill it.

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Catalyst with T2 neutron blasters loaded with void; 3x T2 magstabs in the lows; compact MWD and disruptor in mediums… too obvious? :smiley:

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It’s here somewhere… I’d probably discover the parade had happened three days after the fact, though, because I don’t always keep up with the boards.

But there is a difference between "SKIN and cheap stuff for the heck of it and…

At least in my mind.

I’m not a “rich” player. Some people here would laugh at my net worth. But I have a skin for a Velator. I know that I could afford to show up in something that had a special skin on it no matter how small my bank account.

It’s when you start talking about showing off, and I mean really showing off with those super-expensive fittings on ultra-expensive ships that people can show off by linking their fits and letting people ooh and ahh over them that people won’t do.

SKINs and whatever? Yeah, sure. Won’t be the first time someone claimed the frozen corpse of one of my clones.

But I still don’t know what ship I would use. I’d have to look at my options again.

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