Ships Personnel

(General Coleslaw) #1

I have a question… Is there a breakdown list of how many NPC personnel that are assigned to ship in game… I.E. how many personnel are assigned to a titan (levi, avatar, ect.)?

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(Bernie Nator) #2

Here you go.

(Natocha Daisy) #3

Hi. No there isn’t unfortunately. You just get a ship that you pilot.

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(Giddy McFee) #4

Interesting info. what is also interesting is that someone else replied 3 hours after you posted to say there was no such info, even though you had posted a link… I found that funny.

(Nunosh) #5

You can also have some information on this site:

(Natocha Daisy) #6

Apart from the B movie type lore statistics I see nothing relevant in that link.

(Solecist Project) #7

Natocha is an alt of a low quality troll. :slight_smile: