Should the Game consider Tourists?

Judging by current events…
Not for long!!!


Baie Dankie, ou Maat.
I never ‘begged’ to be killed - ever. It was just so. Pure ignorance and all I learned was that it was effing dangerous out the Mama. I have never been in any sector lower than 5 since my last loss. Alright! It was my ignorance or just plain complacency that caused my demise but how much chance does one have moving a non-fitted ship? Don’t do that! How would I know?
Back to the present:
A tourist is nothing more than what I have become. I mine, I gather the ore, I kill Rats, I run from fleets of red, I change ore to minerals and use that stuff for manufacturing. I make tech 2 stuff and I make normal stuff. I sell some minerals as they are worth selling. I run L4 /3 missions. Sometimes L1/2 missions to keep my frig skills up. But, I am not a tourist - but I could be.
Anyway, this is NOT ABOUT ME - it’s an idea I had that I thought (and still do think) might encourage more non-players to join us in space - that is all.
Wel teruste,

Really, what is an Onyx? When was that? I do not remember killing anything in any sector, let alone lowsec.
How do I find this info?

Hello Ty,
I have no intention of messing with your game. I made a simple suggestion to CCP that MIGHT help them increase player numbers to keep your game viable. It is but a suggestion and we await their response. However, until we really know their thinking, Fly Safe.

np mate
i dont like your suggestion but thats a free forum
good luck

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A “tourist” is just another word for an enemy scout. It is not a neutral party. This mechanic would be used for unkillable eyes on fleets, chokepoints, and staging systems, not for any other purposes.


A tourist spends money, log in buy a Plex buy a ship and fly around.
Be a cheap tourist login get in a noobship do the tutorials you have free ships last time i played Them. Use the free ships and fly around.
If you Stay in high sec without expensive cargo or ships no one wants to gank you.
The game seems to already have all options except maybe pornography.

This is an essential point.

Illegal immigrants cannot be tourists. As Aiko suggests, we would need to grant them permission to enter sovereign James 315 space as ‘tourists’. And yet, these bot-aspirants flock to Highsec anyways. They do so because they desire to experience civilized society, one where the rule of law prevails. They enjoy being killed and recognize their own deaths as proof that they have some role to play in a civilized society. That role is dying. That’s why they come.

Trying to shoehorn in some weird illegal ‘tourist’ mechanic would deny the barbaric miner the opportunity to die in a civilized society. Miners have every right to a civilized death. It’s the only form of participation in civilization that they are capable of.

We know that miners crave a civilized death because they keep logging in.



Hmm, thanks for your insight. I am not an expert on subterfuge so this aspect never crossed my mind. There was another post suggesting a similar result so let’s address it now.
People think a Tourist is invulnerable - they are not by the standards I proposed. A Tourist can accumulate a 5 minute (adjustable - not wrote in rock) timer that expires - like when you jump through a gate. After the agreed time is up, any player can target the Tourist . The point of the timer is to allow the Tourist time to escape ie get out of there asap. The confusion seems to be caused by multiple players trying to target the same Tourist.
I asserted that the timer would resolve back to 5 minutes each time a Player tried to target the Tourist. This was not well put and is 5 minutes per player individually. Any Player is penalised 5 minutes before they can attack the Tourist. They get the Timer on their PC and it counts for them. I repeat, the Tourist is given ample opportunity to escape - which is the point.
I am sorry if I caused confusion but a Tourist is NOT meant to be used in any combat for any reason.

You can get the porn in High Sec as well. Not Exactly porn but suggestive.
Ja Joost, you can fly around in High sec but what if you wish to be elsewhere - say in Low sec? What ship would you recommend for that?

And you

Again, EVE had its best era of growth when the game was far less friendly than it is now. Your claim is nonsense.

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There’s your problem. You’ve declared yourself to be a helpless perma-victim, exactly the kind of person who doesn’t belong in EVE. Meanwhile the smart and ambitious players have no problem playing “tourist” in dangerous space because they learn how to defend themselves and use the available tools for avoiding threats. Why should CCP negate the value of their accomplishments just to give you a participation trophy?


Why would tourists go on holiday in a warzone?

It’s like visiting Somalia and expecting Dismalworld Disneyworld.


The game is fine. It really isn’t THAT dangerous. Somehow I’ve managed to play for almost 10 years without getting…well I did get ganked once, but that was by accidendally setting AP through rancer…

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Thanks for your insight into my personal being, Merin. I do not have a personal problem with Eve. I have been with her a long time and have no desire to see her collapse under the weight of new ownership. She is a rare jewel but difficult to manage as she is so wild and free. My suggestions (yes, suggestions) are to CCP that they may need an extra arrow in their quiver when the Reaper comes to the door. That is all. I think the idea has merit but i fail to see how it will effect players such as yourself.
Fly Safe,

Then why are you here proposing a change?

i fail to see how it will effect players such as yourself.

Because it will be abused for things like invulnerable scouts, and because it devalues the accomplishments of legitimate players. And because it adds nothing to the game that would make up for these problems.


One good thing that may come from this thread is someone might name a character “Soweto Tourist”.

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