Siege Green - Manufacturing and Ship Blueprint Updates

LOL I own many caps AND super caps (both Titans and motherships), I talk out of everything I’ve seen since 2004 which is when I started playing. Don’t go throwing the “he’s a noob” flag around just because I have a different opinion than yours.

I remember eve when there were less caps and more sub-caps in fleet fights. It was glorious and fun. Now its just a giant blob of tidi.

Caps and more so Supers, should be an aspiration, and an end goal for everyone. They should be prohibitively expensive to field, where FC’s have to balance the risk/reward of calling in the Big Boys. Making them cheaper lowers the risk (as you can replace them way easier), and so fleet comps rely TOO MUCH on caps and supers. They should be the diversifiers, the force multiplying ace you keep hidden… they should not be the whole deck of cards.

As for being something people look up to having… if everyone could drive a Ferrari because they become cheap… they would not be that special anymore and thus would cease to be an end goal for everyone.

you are talking about an object that does absolutely nothing on its own and play styles that existed before the abundance error. ships are not the key to that, players are. The ubiquity of caps, supers and titans (and other factors related to the abundance error) however has irrefutably stifled content.

That publicity is entirely worthless when people come in and realize the game sucks because abundance has made the vast majority of newbro friendly careers worthless money making opportunities at small scale and then quit. The available alternative is newbie alliances like goonswarm, horde and brave who cultivate instant gratification driven krabs who immediately lose interest once they get to some arbitrary point of engame ship owning and may be satisfied to play for maybe only a year before the positive feedback cycle ends.

No, lots of players will never enjoy your extremely myopic vision of eve. The tidi alone some people find totally intolerable. I find their complaining intolerable, but catering the game to a single play style that cannot sustain the game on its own is folly.

The debate is closed, abundance and the player driven implementation of fozzie sov were mistakes. New ships are not mountains. short of revamping the entire skill point system there will never be the same experience of skilling into the first capital ship again. introduce more ships, and then 3-6 months later that ‘mountain’ is done. Then what, they add more ships? what happens 3-6 months after that when that ‘mountain’ is also surpassed? Using ships as the only goal is an incredibly bad and unsustainable way of creating fake content. If a vet can’t find anything to do in this game, that is because they are choosing not to and it doesn’t matter what ship they can or can’t fly.

This comment is particularly ironic considering your other position about needing new ships to create content that you aren’t already creating.

I dunno. I heard somewhere that you shouldn’t undock what you can’t afford to lose. I leave the logical conclusion as an exercise.


They are one goal.

You can’t “force” people to play a particular way, doesn’t work, people enjoy what they enjoy and players will just leave if the content isn’t there that they like. There are plenty of other AAA titles on the market.

One inconsequential goal that is incapable of driving the content of a game for more than a short period.

No one is forcing anyone to play anyway. If a vet can’t find something to do, it is because they are choosing not to. This is not complicated. If you want to go play a AAA title, then go play it.

This is gold. So true. You might leave, but you’ll be back either way.