Sightseeing on the path of Katia Sae

Sightseeing on the path of Katia Sae

Visit the locations that made history as we follow the path of the fabled Katia Sae, the first capsuleer to have visited each and every system of New Eden.

New Eden Voyages, a Sawa Laboratories company, is proud to present a new experience, a new voyage through the stars of New Eden.

Board the NEV Voyagers and let our hosts lead you through the most awe inspiring and exciting space tour of the whole cluster.

It was relaxing. It felt like I didn’t really left Jita and yet we moved in between the Four Empires.
Asbjonrir Eliljana, Odatrik
The Safe Thrill Experience

God must be with this company. I lost my breath as pirate scum tried to catch us during our passage in Low Sec.
Domilnaz Macrirna, Safizon
The Mild Thrill Experience

Breathtaking, thrilling and plainly extreme. One of those trips to do at least once in a life time.
Eliamentine Thoulman, Agrallarier
The Maximum Thrill Experience

You can learn more about this new experience here: New Eden Voyages


I posted this thread in the Intergalactic summit as it is thought to be a IC website.


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