Singularity Accessibility Update

Nope empty clone

ccp downgrades the input of test data they could get. nice now instead of allowing people to test things on their own valition now you can only do it moderated by ccp staff.

i can not see how that is a quality improvement at all. this entire thing reaks after pr speach

… with wether or not you can throw a dozen of them at a testing environment.

The prize scaled with the size, however. Cheap ships are for either PVP or for the most boring PVE sites. You do not test bling Gilas in high-end abyss. So don’t complain about how other people do their tests. It’s a sandbox, remember? You don’t know ■■■■ about abyss, so stop telling people how to run it.

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Sure, because it depends on your own wealth, for someone with trillions of ISK a few bil here or there is basically nothing

Well, now you do have to, and it will be the same with any new PvE content, as was actually intended

SISI is not part of the sandbox, its an entirely separate sandbox that results in zero risk testing, which is not how the game is intended to be played

Well CCP is telling you how to run it so you can either keep crying like a spoilt child or you can HTFU like a true EVE player

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It sounds like a lame excuse. Why don’t you use Thunderdome or some other server for this?
Or open another server for us!
You continue to develop backwards. The test server was a feature for us players!
… higher prices … less performance … sad.

Or, and stick with me while i explain this complex concept, you could play the game the way it was designed to be played :open_mouth:

Shocking i know

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People saying eve is a hard game of trial and error and they should test in main server, so is a good change, are 2 kinds of people:

1.Old players with plenty of isk to replace everything and with knowledge about the game.
2.Players that buy their ingame stuff with real money, they dont grind out their stuff ingame.

Both types of players most likely already tested their stuff in test server.

In reality the test server have been up for years, everyone been able to test their stuff and this only harms new players that will probably just leave the game after losing their really expensive ship and realizing they have to grind the low player level slow af isk for 60 hours cuz they had to take it out without even knowing how it works or what it can do.

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Played since 2011, tested and tried everything on the main server. Never did test any fits on sisi


You forget that every old player who now has loads of ISK was once a poor new player with no ISK, how do you think we got rich in the first place? by figuring things out and finding the best ways to make money

Can safely say i’ve never paid for ISK, all mine was earned with hard work :slight_smile:

So, if we managed to do it, why can’t you?

yes, by testing in test server your isk makign strats to find the best ones

An assumption that does not apply to everyone. Plenty of people got rich on TQ by remaining on TQ.

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Your comment literally makes no sense. Sisi was made to test new patches, to find bugs, to try out the new content before its release to the main server. I call that Testing, so I really don’t know what you mean when you say it was not meant to test fits? It is literally called the Singularity Test server or was before this. I know people want more content on Tranquility but Sisi doesn’t stop or interfere with that, in fact I would argue it creates new meta, especially after a new content update. It also gives people a false sense of security to go out with those 2 bill+ pve ships and run the sites which is better for us pvp guys. I don’t run missions or mine, I love pvp and have played for roughly 11 years on and off and singularity wasn’t always available but when it was we enjoyed getting to try out new patches, test new fits, and some of the pve content like abyssal dead space. It really feels like this is nothing more than CCP making some cost cutting moves that ultimately takes away from the players and a certain quality of life. If it was because people are abusing it then they could simply give players a specific amount of time allowed each month.

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Except most people don’t use the test server, so your argument is that the lazy people who aren’t able to solve problems on their own use SISI to test things

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This game only survives with our financial support. Abysses from level 4 and above cannot be overcome without testing, unless you want to invest a fortune in the game. That is too expensive for me. And working out and testing special fittings is only possible on a test server. An acceptable alternative would be an in-game simulator. You could offer something like this as a station service, for example.
But what doesn’t work is this clumsy shutdown and leaving the players out in the cold. Where is the creativity at CCP and the proximity to the players?


And i fail to see how this is an issue, titans are too expensive for most, does that mean you should be given free reign to play with them just because you can’t afford to do it on TQ?

AT ships are outside of the reach of most capsuleers, should we let people play around with those for free just because they can’t afford it?

Being poor isn’t a justification for why you should be allowed to test something risk free

Not sure what part of “risk free testing” being against the spirit of the game confuses you

Oh noes, how dare they shut down something that was not being used for its intended purposes without compensating the players for something they weren’t paying for in the first place

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Considering so many people used SISI for the wrong reasons or for the amount of folks who continuously broke the rules to which there arent many, just another reason i thought of why ccp decided to shut it down. No matter how many they tried to ban or didnt ban, rules kept being broken. Then of course the amount of people who kept trying to get on sisi either after a mirror or newbs trying to get on and kick and scream cause they couldnt get on. Good riddance

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other PVE content, it’s your own fault if you die. You didn’t warp out, probably because you allowed yourself to get tackled. So, no. There will be no new high-end abyss runners, those filaments will only be used by people who had done their testing on Sisi before this summer. This is not whining, this is just stating the obvious: i will sell those filaments whenever i loot them in low-level abyss.

Be happy with veteran-exclusive content.

I see this story of limiting access to the test server as much more concrete, eve online was not created to give pleasure to us who play it, it was born because some people wanted to make money from us, there are very normal people behind the game with the primary needs of each of us and that is to pay for a house, get a new car, support a family etc etc, with this move I don’t think they will develop new game modes for their subscribers, it is a move that will certainly have an impact on newbies as they will not be able to experiment freely without burdening their scarce wallets and this will lead them to purchase more plexes from the store and consequently greater profit for the CCP, I see it as simple as that

Well thats other peoples loss then, if they aren’t willing to take that risk then why do you think they deserve to reap the rewards?

I shall, you have fun being risk averse :slight_smile:

Disappointing to say the least.