Singularity Accessibility Update

Well thats other peoples loss then, if they aren’t willing to take that risk then why do you think they deserve to reap the rewards?

I shall, you have fun being risk averse :slight_smile:

Disappointing to say the least.

well, your literally an old player that spent prob more than a decade playing and played bad for long time and lost lot of stuff many times and you want people to go trough the same but no, time have changed and eve shouldnt be made harder and harder for new players cuz guess what, new players willl leave. Its also not even for new players. People that take a break from the game will just go abyss and lose their ship, is absurd, and no, you cannot just practice on t3 then t4 then t5, no, that doesnt work, it actually just gives false sense of strenght. The difference is too big. And well is not bad only for abyss runners, anyone will be harmed, anyone that is not already with hundred billion isk from playing a decade…

Honestly old players shouldnt even talk, they are they lost stuff in the past and they want people to lose it too. Most people commenting change is fine literally dont use the server, cuz they have everything in main server already and have knowledge about everything… Is just terrible, i dont even know what ship i wanna go to, i need to grind training for 6 months to fly anything and i dont even know if i gonna use it because i cant test it anymore zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. If this was the same for everyone from the start sure, but everyone already tested everything zzzzzzzzz

Its not being made harder, it has always been hard if you’re playing it properly lol

Thats the entire point of EVE

Yes, because that is how you learn, why do you think you should have it easy?

Oh you weren’t around when you literally had to train months of learning skills to increase your attribute counts before you could even train normal skills properly, you guys have no idea how easy you have it lol

Yes, thats the benefit of experience, do you expect to be able to pick up a 20 year old game and expect to immediately be able to compete with people who have played for years?

No because you have to learn

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we get it, your butthurt u spent a decade stuck losing your ships, is ok, just stop posting, your arguments are irrelevant, your old player you never use test server for anything because you already have everything in main server.

This is beyond disappointing news and will further drive down ‘variety’ in pvp content on Tranquility while stifling creative minds from developing potential solutions and ways to combat the extreme overuse of Marauders, Black Ops, and Capitals. I speak Soley for the shrinking style of play I and others try to partake in nowadays. That being solo/small gang warfare.

The test server is an essential tool that directly translates to pvp content creation on tranquility. Without the ability to test theories and new ideas folks with the initative to develop new ideas and ways to match their opponents will simply said…lose that initative and creativity.

This hurts ‘the little guys’ badly and further discourages players from experiencing the pure adrenaline filled joy that solo/small gang once brought to the game as well as branching out and living in the once upon a time full but now vastly empty areas of NPC 0.0 and non Faction Warfare Low sec space. Therefore, driving more and more people out of the game or into the arms of the singular style of combat that is sitting on cyno ships and clicking F1 if your fortunate enough to find a fleetingly rare roaming fleet to gank with your mass of players.

That being said…Having access to the test server will not solve all of the above issues but closing the test server will certainly make those issues even more of a bummer.



I mean, from everyone elses perspective you should be taking your own advice, if you need what is essentially a cheat in order to compete then maybe you should consider a more casual friendly game like WoW :slight_smile:

Citation needed, most people don’t use the test server so you’re claiming nobody ever has created a new PvP doctrine without consulting the test server?

Because spoiler, it happens a fair bit as you don’t need SISI to be able to simulate a fit

What are you even talking about?

You don’t need any practice to join a small gang fleet nor do you need a test server to adapt to null, i was out in 0.0 PvP fleets on like day 2 of my 3 day EVE trial, so you’re spouting utter nonsense that this change does literally anything to affect roaming fleets from forming up and just wandering around

Test server was restricted for usual players for whole summer, and now I saw information that it won’t be available for public use anymore. Test server is necessary for normal gameplay! I am one of the officers of our alliance. We need to test fittings, tactics. We need to train our inexperienced players. For example, in one bubbling training we can spend 20-30 Sabers, so 2-3B ISK will be lost if we will make such training on TQ. Futhermore, for capital training we need to buy ships for ~100B ISK net worth, find a place to train, and be in constant risk of hotdrop.
All of this could be easily done on test server

And exactly that’s why the test server should stay closed, thanks for iterating the reasons. :slight_smile:

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merged to Singularity Accessibility Update

Wow. “We should close test server cause players test!”

Well, you were not talking about players testing new CCP features, you were mentioning things like:

Nothing of the mentioned has something to do with testing new CCP features for a future release. You just want to exploit the test server and its special rules to play in a safe and cheap place.


The existence of people’s attachments to this topic is pretty impressive. As I said before, we all know there isn’t good will for doing it. This is just a fight they started that attempting to claim the definition of “EVE player” to exclusively include themselves and lowering others, and what happened to SISI isn’t matter to them at all as the fight can be initate in any thread, as initate it is the true perpose. Since they are the “flat earthers” they were talking about, what can we talk to people of that kind? We just laughed at their poor theory of “Flat Earth” or “True EVE” that not even worth to argue anymore.

Keep the drama continuing, and I will enjoy the rest of the show.

So do it on TQ, like most normal people, its not necessary in the slightest

Testing stuff costs money, deal with it

I agree. Imagine getting upset that you have to play the game in the single shared sandbox universe (CCP Game’s goal) and are so attached to the idea of avoiding losses on TQ that flat earthers keep feeling the need to relentlessly come to the forums to express their wish for their alternate reality server and dilute CCPs core vision of the game.


You are your alt have made over 100 posts here, and you have the audacity to mock people for being upset.

You are clowns and I doubt CCP wants you speaking for them.

Sand box got smaller, that’s all that happened.

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Whatever imaginary world you have concocted that I live in, I assure you, does not exist.

Whenever you’d like to treat me like a fellow human being, my door is open.

Otherwise, kindly keep talking – it isn’t benefitting you.

Ok clown keep honking your nose, and yes we saw your juggling act 40 times now, we don’t need to see it again.

Your appeal to ccp vision as “the one true vision” was a really funny joke the first 20 times you said it, but since it is obvious that CSM exists and the there have been countless times player feedback has affected the development of the game, I think you need a new line to parrot.

Its ok to be upset that people do not share your world view we forgive you

Please keep projecting – I mean talking. For example, I don’t know how I am a clown. Please go into rigorous detail. Also multiple posts in a row, if you would like.