Singularity Accessibility Update

Who ever said eve is only TQ? You realize thousands of people traveled to Iceland this week for a game called Eve online, and it had nothing to do with logging on TQ. Hmmm maybe, just maybe, TQ isnt the center of the universe and other things can exist along side it and we arent all so narrow minded and possessed by a singular purpose.

Don’t conflate a virtual sandbox with real life events. CCP is the one saying the sandbox is TQ through their actions and words.

HAHAHA ok thank you the third stooge is here and my trip to the circus is complete. Thank you for saying the all time stupidest thing ive ever read on this forum. CCP has never said anything of the sort, all they said is we’re taking this away now, f off…then proceeded to give some lame excuse. If you watched fanfest keynotes, you know CCP has many other projects that have nothing to do with TQ. Im guess you are ok with them shifting resources to support another failed FPS… cus this will totally be great for TQ in the long run right?

EVE: Vanguard will be on TQ.
EVE PD app is TQ (rewards are for TQ even if you use a different interface).
EVE: Galaxy Conquest is a separate game entirely and similar to saying GW2 and Aion are the same sandbox.

Is CCP saying Singularity is not open for general access and testing…in other words, that Singularity is not part of the TQ sandbox. You may not like it, that’s you opinion and right, but it’s still them saying that general access is closed and that content should be on TQ only.


OK? They took the espresso out of the break room, and instead of saying that sucks, we have these clowns here saying that espresso machine made us all lazy, or some other insane ■■■■, instead of being mad about it. What ever clowns!


The devs do, because EVE is tranquility, single shard and all that good jazz, SIS is not part of the advertising in the slightest, which means its not part of the sandbox, common sense there bruh

Not sure what fanfest has to do with the sandbox, because you’re doing some impressive mental gymnastics to try and somehow justify that the test server counts as part of the sandbox lol

You mean other than all the times they call it a sandbox and never once mention SISI?

You mean the single sharded MMO EVE Online? which is what they call TQ

Note the “Tranquility” part there

I watched the fanfest, and what other games do they currently have that aren’t related to TQ?

Because the only ones i see are EVE Echoes, which is a mobile version of the game and EVE Galaxy Conquest which is also a mobile game, EVE Vanguard will be linked up to TQ, which you know already because you watched the fanfest

Gotta love the attempts to deflect with ad-hominem though, you must be related to the guy complaining about how training up the repair systems skill above level 1 is a negative lol

CCP’s vision for the game isnt the all encompassing excuse for making poor decisions, or any kind of deterrent for making criticism that will ever shut me up. For all you know, the employee who shares your attitude with the game today, will be fired and replaced by someone who shares my attitude instead. So What actually was the point of you saying all that? That I should change my mind and that actually this was a good choice by CCP? Do you also think I should celebrate their decision to lay off all those employees around the time sisi went offline?

I doubt there is a ball gag large enough to shut you up :slight_smile:

But their vision for the game is what you have to accept as “the game” like it or not

I mean, pretty sure that would mean having to replace Hilmar as he created the game so good luck with that i guess?

And even if he left, the game would still just be TQ

That even if you don’t like the change you have accept the definitions CCP set for what is and isn’t part of the sandbox and that trying to claim that SISI is some essential part of the sandbox that has now been removed is factually inaccurate, don’t get me wrong you’re still more than welcome to be unhappy that the test server was closed and the impact that will have on finding actual bugs, but SISI was never meant to be your private playground at all

Apt analogy, since you are clearly into punishment kinks

Their vision for the game is the authority you repeatedly appeal to but CCP isnt a religion, or credo or anything like that it’s the same as any other organization, a group of individual subject to change without my consent, so I wouldnt invest into PR statements like they are holy scripture, like some absolute mouth breathing idiot, but you feel free to keep making that leep in logic.

Eve is a sandbox, realestate in this sandbox includes fanfest, alliance tournament, tq, serenity, and apparently a whole host of other outside projects. Now the sandbox has shrunk or been roped off. It’s a bad decision, you failed to change my mind.

How do you feel about the shrinking size of CCP’s workforce, does this give you confidence for the future of your favorite part of the sandbox, TQ?

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To me it’s just sad and im here to vent my frustration, you guys are easy targets so honestly thank you for that. After watching hilmar’s fanfest address, im left with the impression that were it possible for hilmar to start an onlyfans for eve, he would have done it by now

I mean, if you keep using ad-hominem its not really going to help your case :slight_smile:

Its PR statements backed up by 20 years of experience that back those statements up, yes you shouldn’t just take them at face value alone, however they have supporting evidence to support that claim

No, fanfest isn’t part of the sandbox, the game is the sandbox, fanfest is a player meetup that happens around the game, nobody actually calls that part of the sandbox

The AT happens on TQ, so yes part of the sandbox, you do know those fights happen on TQ right?

Serenity is its own sandbox that exists because of regulations in that part of the world

I don’t have to change your mind, you are free to be mistaken for as long as you like, it doesn’t hurt anyone so if you refuse to accept the reality of the situation that is entirely upon you, but that won’t stop your opinion being incorrect

I don’t really have an opinion on it, most parts of the world are downsizing their workforce, thats just the state of the economy, you seem to forget that EVE started with a much smaller dev team that it currently has and its made it this far just fine

Which you’re perfectly allowed to do, you don’t have to like the change, but, you do have to accept it, i still resent numerous changes over the last 2 decades and i will continue to remind CCP of them when the chance arises, however i still accept those changes

Then again, what is the point, if not to change my mind? Seems you decided to agree with me after all…
Im glad we agree that the decisions being made reflect more than a common credo CCP wishes to share with the world, more so the state of a desperate company, in a desperate situation

I thought those were done on thunderdome. And a quick edit and search says yes they are done on Thunderdome, not TQ

They practice on Thunderdome, real matches on TQ.

Practice is, real matches happen on TQ with actual ship losses

To point out what you got wrong so that anyone else reading will know what is actually going on :slight_smile:

Where did i agree that exactly? i only agreed that they are downsizing like every other company currently, i’m personally fine with the current changes to SISI and the grudges i hold are pretty much just me missing older ships before they got changed to fit different roles

instead of new and exciting content and reworks of older stuff to keep thing interesting, sisi access gets removed which is basically just adding a timesink. thats disappointing and not a direction that makes me optimistic for the future.

also whats wrong with all those gatekeeper honks in here?

How is the removal of sisi gatekeeping?

thats not what i wrote, read it again

As I mentioned in my post I am speaking for solo/small gang style of pvp which ‘in my view’ is very limited and restricted in variety in today’s EVE as compared to years past. I have been in many different areas of the game and its chalked full of Cyno alts that 19/20 times seem to have something behind it a small fleet of 5 or so people can do nothing about unless you have more friends waiting to counter drop. In my personal view thats not the only… but I feel one of the reasons why there are less conventional small gang roams as they are quickly outclassed and dropped by these fleets or mobbed by marauders which discourages those roams from taking place much anymore.

So instead of getting stomped 9/10 times on Tranquility, the Test Server allows the little guys to test theories a number of times against these scenarios which otherwise can’t be afforded on TQ. This is a net positive for content creation in game as some folks who operate in a similar and smaller scale fashion are more likely to risk it for the biscuit against these larger groups instead of ignoring them altogether.

Yes, not everyone uses/used the test server it sounds like you didn’t care for it as an example. But many people did for many reasons pvp related and outside of pvp. Creating a doctrine is very easy and I dont recall saying nobody can create one but forgive me if I misspoke. Testing the doctrine in a specific scenario is not easy as the scenario in game is not necessarily going to be available for you to participate in. This is where the test server shined and provided a brief moment to hop on and throw some ■■■■ together quick for a test.

(What are you even talking about?

You don’t need any practice to join a small gang fleet nor do you need a test server to adapt to null, i was out in 0.0 PvP fleets on like day 2 of my 3 day EVE trial, so you’re spouting utter nonsense that this change does literally anything to affect roaming fleets from forming up and just wandering around)

In reply to your statement above, I as well was out in 0.0 early on but I dont think you’re understanding my view and specific scenarios of when and why i used the test server in the past. Hopefully i provided more detail on that reason above and/or below. But the game in the early 2000’s is not the game today nor was it the same 5 years ago. These younger players don’t get opportunities us older players got in finding solo/small scale engagements in damn near every system we came across in countless varieties. So more newbies are driven into the now 30k large alliances as there are less and less corps like the first one I joined 17 years ago ‘Liberty Rouges’ where I learned small scale pirate pvp in a more bountiful era for those style engagements. But alas maybe I am too dreamy of the past eras and still stubborn in acceptance the game is vastly different.

Correct you dont need a test server for anything! But in regard to sputtering nonsense that this change has zero affect, well I beg to differ. It may have zero affect for you personally and many others sure, but I have used the Test Server on many occasions and various players I have been involved with have done the same to see if it was reasonable to engage these larger groups in certain formats or any other number of pvp/non pvp related events. This has led to positive content creation and enjoyment win or lose on tranquility that would have otherwise never taken place. Which leads back to my original statements that explain my experiences with my time in EVE and the players I have been involved with over the years.

But thats my view and why I as well as my buddies value having the option to check Sisi out every now and again! Some will agree and some wont. Either way not a big deal, great to be able to voice our views. Have a great day and fly safe o7!