Singularity Accessibility Update

Thats what people were using it for, that is however, not what it was actually made for, yes they left it up but i doubt they will have gotten much actual useful data from it for years

Diablo 4 its a good example right? thats the reason because they planned a test server before the launch in the next season. Same for the every online game in the market with betas, prelaunch access… etc You consistently contradict just to seek attention, even knowing you’re not right.

At least if they close it its ok, but they give access to new content to partners given exclusive advantage to they corps.

No, it’s whatever CCP decide it is for.

No, its whatever the players dicide it is for. Without players, there is no game; that’s why the CSM was created when CCP forgot this golden rule.

Reality says otherwise.

The reality say what Pearl Abyss want. :zzz:

Please make Singularity the way it was.
560+ replies to the topic isn’t bad.
Besides, many of those 500 are PAYING CUSTOMERS clearly tired of having a game they love axe murdered into tinier bits and pieces so as to optimize it for profit.

You are paying for omega on the actual live server (Tranquility), not Singularity. You are not entitled to anything. There are ways to test things on the live server, just find a quiet system among the nearly 8k that we have.

Not all of the replies are people who are unhappy about the change, lot of it are people saying you can do the same things on the actual server or with 3rd party apps.

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AI am not going to freak out. I get ccp’s idea.* I mean I did miss out an opportunity to take part in massive mindless battles at no cost.

*well I think I know

Yeah, brilliant change :roll_eyes: Is there a point that CCP reflects on its low player numbers and says ‘hmmm maybe we just make a lot of stupid decisions.’ That was a rhetorical question BTW.

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Oh look, another person not willing to let the thread die. It’s been 8-9 months already since the announcement and login numbers have been going up, not down.

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Well, the time for SISI Mass Tests is still inconvenient.

And a bit hard to gauge.
Forum Foxes generally are on top of it.

But the majority of the player base isn’t aware of the mass test on a regular basis.

And also recent SISI mass tests feel like they are a copy port of within 72 hours. Market prices from in game are translated over. And recently I was surprised to find myself in a ship and fit I had only recently run within 48 hours.

It would be nice to have notes in memo style of a specific ship/mechanic available. So players can look at the material during the mass test with more focus. I would say the mass test also needs to open 48 hours. [24 is within reason.] But the time of CCP being able to online and shutdown materials has been kind of question mark.

As noted with the April Fools Event. [The April Fools Event…live updated at 10PM USCST…and ended 24 hours later at 10PM USCST] But the code for the items in question kept running past the time frame. So that has raised some questions as well.

It wasn’t a normal time frame.
SISI opening is kind of on that weird time frame as well. Lately it closes at 3 PM USCST. Which is kind of a narrow window for US Timezone players to participate in the mass tests or look at Singularity.