Singularity: New mirror and rule changes - June 2018


(Arthur Brinkman) #28

The removal of copyships without the introduction of seeded deadspace mods has basically made your test server obsolete for anyone looking to test competitive pvp fits. For many there is absolutely no reason to even use sisi now. After all what even is its point, if not to run risk free simulations?
Maybe i’ve been reading too much r/eve but I have been hearing this from many people, in many areas of the game/ play styles. People are getting really bored of seeing endless bad ideas (sisi changes, chat bubbles & window blur to name a few) being implemented without any real consideration for the player base or any prior communication and feedback.

Reflecting on decisions taken over the recent past, it would seem CCP has been incredibly fortunate that no other company has built a game in the last 15 years; that directly competes with eve, in scope and scale. Although I’m starting to wonder if that lack of competition might actually be a part of the problem.

CCPlz start listening, before its too late. <3

(chixonator Legends) #29

holy crap, seed deadspace mods, let us copy ships, or give us injectors on market, i spent 10 bil on injectors to help out and train a bunch of newbro players on sisi so they could see what they wanted to train for on tranq and now…

  • cant even test ded or officer fit ships

  • cant even get the ships i have on tranq

  • cant help out my newbros

(Inomares) #30

You realize you probably just described perfectly exact reason this change was made? The point of the test server is in fact not to “run risk free simulations”. The point is to find bugs and leave feedback on whatever CCP wants at the time.

(Dread Zeppe) #31

do you realize the statement you just made is the exact reason people hate the devs of this game so much? there are so many examples of this. the arbitrary vision of the dev team vs the practical reality of what people actually want to do with these tools. it’s like you’re saying “hey customer stop doing that thing you like doing with my product, and do the thing I intended for it” . Why? if your customers want to us it that way, facilitate their needs instead of making us bend over backwards for no other reason than satisfying someone’s arbitrary vision for things.

(kardjaval) #32

Is it intentional for Filaments to be removed from being seeded?

(Arthur Aihaken) #33

Yes, CCP has indicated that the Abyssal development team requested their removal (they posted this in another thread).

(Ember Fireheart) #34

Nothing stops people from running data sites and just getting them.

(CCP Habakuk) #35


Thanks to your (mostly) constructive feedback we have decided after some internal discussion to expand the 100 isk market seeding also to deadspace items. This is already available in the Tribute region and will be available in other regions after the next reboot.
I hope that this alleviates further the concerns of disabling /copyships.

Note: We are still very strong of the opinion that the test server would be not obsolete just because it is difficult to source deadspace items. The use of Singularity as ship fitting simulation is for us in EVE QA not one of the intended uses of Singularity - but it is a tolerated use case, which has the benefit that it increases the server population.

(Alpha Askiras) #36

will officer modules also be added?

(CCP Habakuk) #37

No. They are much less common on TQ and there is no need to have them common on Singularity.

(Yuki YokaiYasha) #38

Whats the current reboot about?

(Gruxella) #39

I apologize if this should be in a separate thread. I didn’t want to clutter the forum.

I am experiencing issues with 2FA across my accounts. My supplied token is seen as invalid and I am unable to log into Singularity (and reading these threads, I see there are a few others as well)

I last changed my 2FA settings in April (possibly May) 2018 and I have waited until this new mirror to post because I figured the new mirror would be the solution. Now with the latest mirror my token still is treated as invalid.

I would greatly appreciate it if we could spend some developer time resolving these 2FA issues for Singularity for future mirrors. I’d love to test now but if that is not in the cards - lets fix it for next time!

I have seen fellow users recommend disabling 2FA (and then waiting for a mirror) and that is not a path I am prepared to take.

I look forward to testing on the next mirror perhaps!

(wouroo) #40

that is super appreciated by the by the way, and will also let us fit ships the way we would on tranquility in order to test anything new, such as the top tiers of abyssal sites. no way am I going to try and run one of those sites with just your plain ol’ T2 fit HAC. I imagine people testing against tougher AI fleets and stuff will also want to use deadspace mods.

(Alderson Point) #41

Good decision, well thought out, thank you.

(Wanda Fayne) #42

Well done :+1:

(Dread Zeppe) #43

Originally you said that items that have not been seeded since the mirror, cannot be added… but obviously that wasnt true since you just added every deadspace mod? anyway seeing as its possible to reseed items, DO THE RIGHT THING AND SEED THE FILAMENTS FFS

(Irenia Tsurpalen) #44

Thunderdome? For once I would like to do some proper practise…

(uhnboy ghost) #45

yes!! finaly :slight_smile:

now we just need a /spawn_site: the_maze command

(Amak Boma) #46

why cccp did not put upgrades to system? they too poor to put ihub upgrades?

(Broccoli Parmala) #47

“CCCP” Insert soviet anthem