Sisi rule violation

On the Undock of the Test Server testing system:

I was testing the real capacitor life length of cap-unstable nestor fits requiring long periods of time to test. This pathetic person interfered by killing my 2 ships that were left running within 0km of the undock of the test system station: I did not bother to even go back and set the test running again with x2 Nestors in a cap unstable format over a long time, as someone would likely come again and kill them wasting my time when trying to test real instability lifetime on a remote capacitor transfer setup, something that can only be done on SISI.

123|690x194 <Screenshot of the name and killmails.

my pos was reinforced yesterday tonight,they did not finish it,timer expired i repaired it and stronted again… people keep messng around.

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