SISI Station Camping

Today multiple groups were attempting to practice for the Anger Games Tournament in EZA-FM. While practicing, the pilot Taylor Moon Mahyisti is camping the station in a carrier pointing people and would not stop even after being asked repeatedly in local. Please take the appropriate action.

PS: we are all waiting for Thunderdome access. <3 XD

Yeah, should be banned.

Non-consensual PvP is banned in EZA as per the rules stickied above.

You could try linking the rules thread in local, as he might just not know the rules.

Confirmed. He was indeed interfering in other player’s / team’s practice sessions by engaging us in non-consensual pvp on the Intaki Syndicate station in EZA-FM. He was informed multiple times that he was breaking the test server rules. When he did not cease his interference, several players banned together to delete him from the system.

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Filing a ticket is the best idea.

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