Sisters Are Pirating It for Themselves

I’m not going to litigate this.

I’m just saying be very careful if you of someone else does as you and your wife did, in future

Its very iffy territory that puts you well into the “grey zone” where you might infact have already broken rules, and CCP will let your instance slide (especially if it wasnt reported), but not as a precedent.

Thankyou CCP salvos for clarifying and forgiving me for this unposted part of the EULA


I’m not going to litigate it, but I think you did break rules.
However since the victim didn’t report it, and we have nothing except your word to go on, thats that. But I’m telling you, that its well into the “grey-zone”, and I wouldnt recommend you or anyone else attempting this again.

Where as I strongly advocate it. Having somebody else speak for you on a third party application not controlled or monitored by CCP can hide your voice and identity. So long as you are not breaking the account sharing rules, are not violating any of the 2014 ‘extreme circumstances harassment rules’ and are not trying to impersonate another character with your characters name or claiming you are x when you are not you are pretty much in the white. No grey zones there I’m afraid. Hell even CCP say report any harassment to your local authorities if it happens on 3rd party programs.

Feel free to litigate all you like though. Or better yet don’t spout off uninformed rubbish tailored to push people away from gameplay you don’t agree with.

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Since you wont leave well enough alone, ok, I will do so.

Does your wife have an account in EVE that she represented herself as in the situation you detailed above? Or did she use one of yours?

In other words, did she make an account of her own that SHE signed the TOS/EULA on inorder to create a character, with which she then represented herself as in the situation you detailed above?

I impersonate my alts all the time and share them with my hands

I must be breaking the EULA too /s


She never touched anything but teamspeak

She never typed ingame?

Are y’all trying to sink this thread too?

Take this to C&P if you truly think he did something wrong, Salvos.

Think of the threads, everyone.
They deserve your love, too.

–Gadget, Advocate for the Better Treatment of Forum Threads


Does not compute, hand is stuck in oven wat do

Where are the times when simple No U allowed for a peaceful resolution to every conflict. :sob:

I have no power over Salvos, he is a new secret weapon system (Veers mark5 :person_fencing: ) we developed for brainwashed ganktards, its fire an forget.

Suggest you find a humungous dildo n start swinging, or just run.


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Sorry @Gadget_Helmsdottir last post on this I swear :slight_smile:.

Microphone. Speakers. Laptop. My secondary desk chair. She may have touched my snacks. Oh and of course the giant ass PTT button attached to that microphone.

Assumptions right…


I didnt assume anything.

Just pointed out the grey area you did this in.
I said I wouldnt litigate it.
Just be aware of the risk of breaking rules doing something like you did.

Enough Salvos, Noragen is one of the gud guys round here. :no_mouth:

He might even drag you out of pack of circling sharks in C&P. (Or watch you get mauled)

I dunno why he is so upset.
I just warned him of the dangers in what he did.

I’m sure he is aware. He’s been around soo long he is part of the furniture.

Virtual transgenders in EVE. It’s good if you don’t like ‘polygon tits’. EVE needs even more brutality!

Boobies are not important in EVE.
Only Epeen.

I can’t disagree.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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