Smoke Screen After Jump

So I know alphas are never going to get cloaking but it’s a little ridiculous that players can sit on the other side of a wormhole and pick off new players for kicks without any counter.

I suggest making a smoke screen. A group of small probes ( 5, 10, maybe 15 at most) that you can launch out on exiting a jump just before the cloak wares off. They would have the same signature as your ship but only last 5-10 seconds, just enough to warp away in a ship like a venture.

Would this be an unreasonable item to introduce? It would make exploration a lot more feasable for new players. And I can’t see it being game breaking.


You have a number of options. If there is no bubble you can fit warp core stabs and warp away (maybe). or you can crash back through the WH you came from.

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You could also just fit for sub 2s align time?
Maybe warp core stabs?
Maybe some tank so you can’t get alpha’d?
From your losses, you fit absolutely no tank

A thrasher does a 1.6k alpha, if you bothered to fit a single medium shield extender on either ship you would’ve survived

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Not in a venture when the other player can lock you in 1 second

you already have +2 warp core strength, adding another warp corp stab means they need a faction point to get you, you can still jump the gate you came through too

I hit warp as soon as I came through the gate and was dead just as fast. There is no way to get venture below a 2sec align time that I could find. And don’t you get spit out far enough that you have to travel a bit back to the gate to enter? I was basically dead as soon as the cloak was gone.

I will try getting a bit tankier not how much will that actually help? Will let me survive the 5 sec it takes to warp?

Anyways, is a smoke screen as described a bad idea and why?

Sometimes stuff like that just happens, it doesnt happen on every WH you visit. Its happend to me and its happened to others, but it doesnt happen all the time.

You’re right but does it hurt to have a counter for it when it does happen

Thats part of the game, look at most active peoples killboard and there will be loses on there. My main has lost 471 ships since I started and not all were when I was actively engaged in PVP.

Again I understand that’s part of the game and I accept it. I’m not crying because I lost a couple mil ship. I just think it should be harder for guys to sit and cherry pick new players for easy stats.

I chatted with the guy who podded me today and he admitted he was just watching Netflix and waiting for the sound of the wormhole spitting someone out so he could shoot them. If someone wants to do that fine but just give new players a fighting chance.

If the idea of introducing alpha status is to get new people interested in the game well, nothing kills enthusiasm like getting blasted every time you go through a wormhole, or even every 3rd time you go through a wormhole, by guys you have no chance of evading.

harden the ■■■■ up
people can fit cloak and use the mwd trick
they can fit warp core stabs
they can use ships able to warp cloaked

so there are already several ways to counter what you describe
learn, improve, instead of asking CCP to give you a new solution

Yeah, someone needs to learn to read and comprehend before they comment.

I am an alpha player. This is discussing new players who are just learning the game. There is no cloak option for alphas. So the things you mentioned are not viable in this discussion.

You will always get people like that who want to put in little effort just to pad their KB, just like the people in low sec that sit and smart bomb on gates, you can counter some things, but not others. you may not get 2 second align but as i say you can fit a warp corp stab in the low, that with the +2 core strength may be enough. Or nanofiber in the low or other agility mods. Or crash back through the WH.

There are options they may not work all the time but work out what you can do

Well thanks for your participation. Warp core stabilizers will not help. In the last two times I was killed they didn’t even bother warp scrambling. My cloak came off and I was gone, that’s it. I just don’t think it would hurt to introduce something g like I suggested. For a technologically advanced society this is a pretty simple innovation.

I thought the whole point of having Alpha players was to give the Omega players something to shoot at.


Lol I guess for the omega players who can’t last in a real fight.

Your suggestion wont happen. If WCS wont help then your only real chance is to crash the hole, click the hole, click the MWD and if it is within 5k it will jump through, you may of course have the same issue the other side.

Ive lived in WH for a fair bit of time and when that kind of thing has happened for me, i just accept it and move on. find one decent gas cloud and you can pay for your ship 6 times over.

You could say the same (in terms of needing protection) for alphas that get killed hacking a can. WH life is harsh and unforgiving, the rewards can be great but so are the risks, if you want to lessen those risks then try another space lkike null, most of that is empty.

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Well I’m going to try it with corpses and see what happens.