SMT : Eve Map Tool

if enter to write the more detailed problem, without answer, already clear cache, restart pc, restart programs and nothing

@Svetlana_Stakhiva I responded to your message and you need to have a little patience

any chance of getting a asset feature integration? insert API key and gives a rough value of whats in that system?

The only asset based thing on the list is jump clones and the implant set… JEveAssets does a far better job for general asset management :smiley:

how can i see cyno beacon in this programm?

Great work. Just one question: Can I set it up to sound an alarm only when someone posted info pertaining to any system of a maximum of 2 jump out of where I am? If so, is this related to the dangerzone? This is my settings and I’m not hearing any sounds.

@Bolshoi_Yx in the SMT folder alongside the executable is a cynobeacon text file… add 1 system per line for everyone with a beacon in and restart SMT… after that theres an option in the preferences to show them, and they appear as small dots next to the system icon

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@Jax_Stripolli that should work… the dangerzone is what you want… if you click the show danger zone it should highlight which systems will trigger the alarm