SMT : Eve Map Tool

@Bjael you can export the current data in SMT to a file… if you have a set of data already provided its in the correct format you can easily clear and add everything from your excel sheet

I’d love the ability to set multiple layer of dangerzone. AKA, have different sound for different range. For a single character

I’m having issues setting this up to give me real time alerts. Not sure what i’m doing wrong. i set the danger zone to 5 jumps, no alerts even when they jump in system and i report the intel.

@Tessa_Springfield is the game set to log chat to file ? some people disable it (mistakenly) thinking it will speed up the game in tidi…

Do you see the the intel reported in the panel ?

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It is an amazing tool ! Three questions/suggestions:

  • I managed to import jump bridges after creating a file manually - “find gates” button is inactive . Would it be possible to learn JB from the ingame routing (set ingame desto inc. JB then capture/store JB in SMT?)
  • can I display merged map of two (or multiple regions) to make intel visible at bordering systems?
  • a dropdown for “intel” to filer intel sources (all / a specific one) would be great: moving between regions two different intel channel set as source but at a given moment only the selected should be parsed and visible in the INTEL box in SMT

@Darwien_Cesaille These are good ideas; I’ll add them to the list.

The jump gate finder is currently disabled waiting on some fixes from CCP… Im not holding out any hope that they will be fixed any time soon so will probably just remove the buttons to avoid any confusion.


A fairly large new release : 1.15

New :

  • Added Faction warfare maps & data
  • Added new Blue A0 sun data
  • Added NPC Stations to Universe View
  • Updated Security colours to match new in-game colours

Tweaks :

  • Adjusted layouts of several regions
  • Adjusted size of out of region systems
  • Adjusted display of ice systems
  • Adjusted Cell (voronoi) generation for system highlights
  • Adjusted default colours for out of region items
  • Changed the follow on selection when zoomed to be a togglable option (off by default) as its too easy to misclick

Fixes :

  • Occasional lockout with ZKB
  • Out of region name sorting issues
  • Added gates which have been unlocked manually and are not in the SDE

This release contains a number of changes to the layouts…

There are a number of tweaks as above, however a couple to call out :

The blue a0 sun systems are now tagged with this sun icon, and Ive moved the ice systems to a similar ice icon :


The system security colours have been updated to the new ingame colours :

This update also includes both the faction warfare warzones :

If you enable the Sov owners on these faction warzone views, you will get the current warzone map with the highlighting of the frontlines, command operation and rearguard systems highlighted; showing all the links between the systems

Source and binaries here : [Release SMT 1.15 · Slazanger/SMT · GitHub ]
(Release SMT 1.15 · Slazanger/SMT · GitHub )

Let me know if you have any issues; if you’d like to pop by discord and say hello join here : SMT



Danger zone doesnt seem to be functioning anymore for me

Do you have the limit sound to dangerzone in the preferences set ?

Some of the options get reset when upgrading to a new version; I’m slowly moving stuff to be version independent as things stabilise and i get time…

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This tool looks great. Thanks for all your hard work over the years. Searching through the thread, it looks like there’s no official support for Mac or Linux at this point, is that right?

Not yet, I have a branch where its slowly being ported from WPF to Avalonia with the intention of making this cross platform and the base .netframework to .net core was done a little while ago

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Awesome, thanks for the quick reply. I may have to put a copy of Windows on an SSD somewhere to give this a more in-depth look.

that’s what i was doing wrong then. Thank you. I love this tool

Great tool! Is there a map legend? I don’t know what the triangles, boxy things, clouds and etc actually mean. Specifically what is the thing that looks like a bull head?

is it planned to introduce the possibility of limiting the distance from the pilot at which an audible signal will be given? And will it be possible to display several regions at once in order to see Intel on the borders of two regions?

yes, click the ? in the top right

for the distance limit you can do this already (see dangerzone) and the multi-region thing is an on going thing…slowly working towards it as I undo the last few years of development crimes

To import jump bridges, would it possible for you to change the format?

Like first, I dont even know how to get a gate ID, so I just use the 0 method. but it would far easier to import from in game if it used » for the gate reference, rather than --> cause then, you could copy directly from in game, delete the gate’s name, add a 0 in front of everything, then import.

I am new to SMT and want to know how to you set the dangerzone size\limit? I also don’t notice any change when I click the show dangerzone button.

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The dangerzone is a per-character setting, so you need to enable it in the character screen