SMT : Eve Map Tool

I’ve added some more optimisations for rendering and enabled the auto-hide for the panels so you can create layouts like this…

I’ll create a build containing this stuff in tomorrow.

Yea, because for pvp need to fast see when farmers [Rats], when good traffic [Jumps] for camp or where dangerous places [Pods \ Ships] and fast use ESI scale control without finding in panel.

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can we also add Route so we can see the way we are going?


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Another small release 0.34

  • Enabled Auto-Hide for tool Panels
  • Optimised Memory & Rendering (Brush usage)
  • Added Quick Toolbar
  • Animated Jump Bridges

Download at (Source available too)

The new toolbar & layout with the hidden panels by default (you can always move/pin them)

Animated jump bridges…


As always feedback is appreciated.

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I’m trying to work this one out now… Just trying to work out how to actually match up the in-game one with the route…

cant login with sso. error HTTP 400
can you make login with main browser?

Oh yeah… let me look at that…

when I copy link to my chrome write ,{“error”:“invalid_client”,“error_description”:“Unknown client”}

yeah i know what it is… i need to update the key/id 2 secs

That should be fixed now… if you re-grab it from github

thx, now it work =)

one suggestion. Can you make visualisation for destination? And maybe fleetmembers?

Sorry, but i have some ideas:

  • add auto-update ESI data per 5-180 minutes (or what CCP times allowed). This is for lazy and to dynamic see situation in current region.
  • add the use option instead of the custom areas to use shimmering circles \ triangles \ boom areas with color differentiation type 25% \ 50%\ 75%. Because this needed for fast to see when true targets (big counts) and when false (low or a not counts) if ESI scale is big.
Dank pictures


Awsome update mate

Having systems with ice belts in them being shown at a glance like on dotlan would be awesome! (Like a blue circle around the system or something)

Amazing work as always keep it up !

Thanks for your continued work on this project! I’ve continued to update as you’ve released new builds. I’m still seeing performance problems in Eve while running SMT. Currently while SMT is active weather in follow mode or just open I’m seeing an average of 60 FPS in game. With SMT not running I average between 120-144 FPS. In game all graphic settings set max. Of note is that that spiky FPS has diminished. Previously there was a noticeable pattern of lag spikes while SMT was active. By lag spikes I’m referring to graphic hiccups not network lag.

Keep up the good work!

It would be great if you could add an option for SMT to remain on top of the game

Another small release 0.35

  • Several map config / selection bugs fixed
  • Added Alliance Standing view to the map

Download at (Source available too)

The new standing view mode can be enabled in the map config options


Once this is ticked, and you have an ESI auth’d character selected in the drop down it will colour the systems based on the standings to that character.

I’ll add corp and personal standings in the next release.

As always feedback is appreciated.

An automapper, for Eve? Cool!

Looking promising.

Only see the source code.