SMT : Eve Map Tool


(Slazanger) #81

try now…

(Cat Harkness) #82

Fixed it.


(Ikki Phoenix) #83

when I try to launch it, my Avast antivirus is blocking it…Anyone has had that issue before?

(Cat Harkness) #84

Yes, I use AVG free. It sends it off, an hour or so later it gets approved.

(Slati Bartfass) #85

Hi Slazanger,

i love your tool. Thx for the hard work.

  1. Can you add a filter for the intel reporting?
    it would be really great, if i’m able to set a word filter between the log and the intel reporting.
    (many ppl gave “clear system” -messages and i want to sort them out)

  2. Is it possible to show up some killbord infos for the reported characters?

Keep up your great work.
greetz from germany

(Sorry for my bad english, it’s not my native language)

(Ikki Phoenix) #86

I love the tool, but until it stays on top of the game, I cant really use it…

(X4m) #87

try change game into window mode

(Ikki Phoenix) #88

Tried that, but it is not working either.

(Ezio Dicostanzo) #89

how do i re-open a tab on the right that i closed by missclicking?

(Ikki Phoenix) #90

Could you add an option for the program to stay on top of the game?

(Slazanger) #91

@Ezio_Dicostanzo as i mentioned when i bumped into you on our drunken roam :slight_smile: you can delete the layout.dat file and it will reset to the default layout

(Slazanger) #92

Yep, already in the dev version, just working through a bit of a refactor and i’ll get a new version pushed

(Ikki Phoenix) #93

New version coming when?

(Kara Delios) #94

I would like to give it a try, but I can´t add any char on it. Following a screenshot:

(Slazanger) #95

@Kara_Delios you need to run the registry file first… thats what it fixes

(Slazanger) #96

New version is still WIP… rejigging a couple of bits

(Kara Delios) #97

@Slazanger thx for fast reply, that worked. So how to get the Intel work?
Are there some audio warnings when Intel gets a hit?

(Slazanger) #98

@Kara_Delios you need to setup the intel chat channels for it to monitor… if you put the channel names on seperate lines in the IntelChannels text file it will monitor those…

it should play a woop sound on new intel, and draw a red circle which decreases in sound if you have them enabled.


(Kara Delios) #99

Man, it looks times better than vintel, I will give it a try when I am back from drunken time :slight_smile: So could be possible I will come up with some more bothering questions :smiley:

(Kara Delios) #100

Well man, its a very powerful toll, I hope you will continue the work on it. Here are coming some of my suggestions. I will compare it with vintel all the time, as I am familiar with it.

  1. Sound is playing on every intel listing, means also in other regions. So you have an ongoing “whoop”. You could do it like vintel, sound on range of jumps, like 5 from system char is inside

  2. Reaction time of the tool could be optimized: Means time from intel post to show in tool

  3. Than also time to stay of the red dots. If you take functionality here from vintel, would be awesome. So for example the red dot, double the time it is schowing, afterwards change to yellow and white for the longest and show the time from beginning of intel. So why I am saying that? Thats for people watching regions, so you see when the last hit came and can follow it over the map also hours later

  4. Same with the intel history, click on system shows up history of intel for that system, would be awesome :slight_smile:

  5. The last thing is an idea of myself, I don´t know if that would be possible at all. Here is that Idea: Make a connection to a web service for intel history, so that one or more people can connect the tool to a web service which stores hostile information in a db and shows it on a map for people which have access to that web service- For example for alliances or corporations which have stuff running on web like a forum or so on, they could be show the map of actual region with intel information on that website

That are my first suggestions, hope I could help you with that.