SMT : Eve Map Tool

A Fairly large release this time… lots of under the hood stuff in preparation for the next major feature


  • New Region Control
  • New Toolbar
  • Basic Route Display
  • Lots of little items added and bugs fixed.

The two big new items are the addition of a new toolbar (which has removed most of what was in the map config


This should allow much quicker changes to whats displayed on the map

I’ve also added the first draft of a display of the active route

The route can also be seen by looking at the route panel


Note : this is still very early in development and needs a reasonable amount of work to tie up the ingame settings with the SMT ones… currently this is just calculating a route based on the shortest route, but without using any ignored systems; its very easy for the in game and this version to mis-match. but i figured this would be useful to some as is.

In addition to these I’ve been adding in some smaller features… So in no particular order :wink:

I’ve fixed the multiple characters in one system such that they should now stack:


I’ve added a copy to the system which will copy the system name to the clipboard


I’ve added an additional highlight to any systems with overly large data numbers so you can spot the busy systems; I’ve also clamped the minimum size so that you can always see systems with at least 1 thing happening

I’ve added the jump briges to the map which have start/end systems outside of the current map… they will display now like this…

In addition if you hover over a system with a jump bridge in it it will tell you the extra information (planet/moon and where the jump bridge leads to)

This has a fairly large number of changes in the backend in preparation for supporting multiple regional views and a universe view so I anticipate that I may have introduced a couple more bugs

The source and a build are available on github here :

As always feedback is appreciated.

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Looks good. Many good features.

Question. Did you add an option for SMT to stay on top of the game screen?


New Minor release

Version 0.37

  • added “Always On Top” option

You can find it in the map config.

Source and binaries available here :

Thank you!! Now I can fully try it :slight_smile:

Three simple things:

  1. When people link a system and write “clr” anywhere in that line, please remove the red marking on it. Also make it ignore “status”, as well as toggle it on “red” As it is now, people are often asking “XY-12A status?” and the answer is “XY-12A red” or “XY-12A clr”.
    That would remove A LOT of false positives. Maybe add another text document with trigger strings and what the action should be (reset timer or full timer for that system)

  2. A checkbox for splitting intel channels. I do need several region intels (for hot-swapping the map on region jumps), but I do not need one chat that combines every single report from all chats together.

  3. Mouse-hover over a system should show me the last 2-3 intel reports regarding that system, so I don’t have to manually search the whole chat for what got reported.

Keep up the good work, your tool is really helpful!

Another new version… added support for the Eve-Scout API… Version : 0.38

The thera entrance points are displayed on the map, and the details are shown in the thera panel :

Source / Binaries available here :

As always feedback is appreciated.

Hey Slaz, thank you for releasing this tool. Adding ingame waypoints from your maps is incredibly useful!

Here’s a few suggestions/bugs:

  • The toolbar at the bottom right doesn’t seem to update the region’s name. It is stuck on “Molden Heath”.
  • Add an option to hide the toolbar because it tends to cover the map especially in windowed mode.
  • Thera connexions are a nice feature. It’d be great to have also the outside signatures and be able to set destination to their systems.
  • Remember the size and position of the app’s window after restarting. Very useful when you use the app on top of the Eve client as an “ingame window”.
  • The tools on the right (Intel, Anoms, Map Config etc…) seem to disappear when you click on their “hide” button.

PS this is for the 0.38 version

what is that feature ?

anyway awsome app as always, love the new “display active route”, amazing.

can you make it that the JB info in the tooltip only appears if the “display jb” is ticked ?

would love to see the members of my fleet displayed on the map via the fleet url given ingame

other than that nothing to say its just amazeballs, major props

edit: clicking on the “show standing” & “sjow sov owners” does not change anything or displays anything when i click on them

edit2: program does not remember the view i have selected when i reopen it, ie: i select only show NPC kills, when i close and reopen program, it always opens on “show only jump bridges” view

also, it seems you have modified the sensibility of the information circles : now even when 5 noc has been killed, it still displays a circle arround the system, even if you put the sensivity bar at the lowest, which fakes the view as making you think there is activity as a glance but in really it does not. Please reset sensivity to what it was in 0.35 !

Seconding this. Having to drag the window across multiple displays to its proper position every time you restart can be a bummer…

Other than that great work. Keep it up!

Thanks for the bugs! I’ve fixed:

  • Alliance ID to name cache not updating on region change which means the sov owners should now correctly update
  • The Region name in the tool bar should now correctly update

These are already in the sourcecode on github; i’ll make another build today…

I’ll add these to the list.

Can you elaborate on this ? Right click on the item on the list and click set destination ?

Upto this point ive been happily hacking away adding features all over the place… as with anything software wise i’d reached the point i needed to tidy up a bunch of stuff… this whole release was just sorting out some backends and moving the region view into its on user control… the point being I can now start to do things like display 2,3,4… regions.

Basically I’ve tidied up a bunch of stuff and on the surface it looks like very little has changed :slight_smile:

Previously the lower data circles would be smaller than the system circle/square and be hidden behind it… i’ve changed the min size so that anything more than 0 should display a visible circle and scale upto the max… In addition I added the extra circle for the “larger” ones so you can see those to.

Do you see circles drawn with values of 0 ?

Hey everyone,

I recently removed the SOV display to just display the Ticker, however before you had the option of Ticker, Full name, or both… I removed it as the map was a little cluttered with everything but the Ticker, but would it be useful to display this somewhere else or back to how it was ?

  • Show SOV as Ticker only eg TEST
  • Show SOV as Alliance Name only eg “Test Alliance Please Ignore”
  • Show SOV as combined eg TEST (Test Alliance Please Ignore)

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Another small release just with some bug fixes in. Version : 0.39

  • Fix for Alliance ID’s not resolving
  • Fix for toolbar region title not updating
  • Added option to hide the toolbox

You can hide/show the toolbox by toggling the option in the Map Config :


Source and binaries are available here :

As always feedback is appreciated.

Hey Slaz, thanks for continuing working on it.

Yes it could look like this:

Ahh I see… the sig id from within Thera to that system, sure that should be easy


I’ve just commited this, no right click yet, but i’ll add that when i get a chance.

Awesome! You’re the best!

Another new version : 0.40 Universe view + some tweaks!

  • Universe view
  • Added extra sig data to thera info
  • Some further tabbed bug fixes

I’ve added a universe view. If you double click on the regions it should select it in the region view.

I’ve also added the Thera Info to the region view which you can see with the green dots


I’ve enabled the floating window mode with this update so you can create views like this by dragging the tabs around :slightly_smiling_face:

Source and binaries are available here :

As always feedback is appreciated.

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