Snooping around the Russian forums can be very entertaining

(Piugattuk) #1

Here are just a few of the honorable mentions.

“you have a hole in resistors in the head”

“I’ll throw somebody, but he’ll start twisting like a woman”

You tried to read the Eulu? If yes, then explain is available. Here, nothing belongs to you. I can not be robbed by billions because they do not belong to me by the DUI. Everything belongs to the SSR. (soviet socialist republic).

“You probably did not understand what I mean. I meant that, for example, I will throw a man, he will begin to feed me, I will roll him a pet and be banned”

(Veine Miromme) #2

Any cat ?

(Rosov Aulmais) #3

The Chinese forums could be even more entertaining in this aspect. There are way more ranting than this forum and reddit added together.

(Baba Ji) #4

This kinda reads like the AI produced Harry Potter chapter.

(Sebs Pride) #5

Good, these intertain me.

(system) #6

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