So about these Brutor ship logs

Or maybe we’re all too busy mobilizing from yet another High-security system being attacked by dreadnaughts and the attempts to bait the empire forces into starting something have now gone the way of the dodo bird


We don’t work for them. :stuck_out_tongue:

Given the speed at which the situation is evolving, I have to say that data is likely only going to ever be of use to historians.

But even if we didn’t have bigger concerns, as the choice is between destroying data on the attack and letting EM have it, the latter is the option with the greater chance of successfully bringing criminals to justice.


This is inane…

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For Attention All Capsuleers Loyal to the Empire, Loyal to Esteemed Allied States, and Loving of Peace

Let it be known that Grand Master Khemon Dulsur an-Tetrimon of the Order of St. Tetrimon has been appointed plenipotentiary inquisitor into the Tanoo and Girani-Fa Outrages, by Orders in Council and Decree of Her Most Sublime and Imperial Majesty Empress Catiz I.

All who would be loyal or keep faith with bonds of allegiance and friendship are exhorted to deliver, transport or otherwise render available materials relevant to this inquisitorial investigation.

Direct contracts secured under SCC terms to Grand Master Khemon Dulsur an-Tetrimon will be an acceptable means of delivery of such vital intelligence materials and evidence.

Victory to the Empire, Faith with the Truth.

Message ENDS


A Khimi Harar (LUMEN) detachment was able to engage and participate in the destruction of the Moros-class dreadnoughts attempting to bombard Girana-Fa III. In the wake of the attempted bombardment, our pilots retrieved the remains of two of the mercenary pilots, and, more significantly an “Encrypted Data Fragment.”

I will be arranging for delivery of all items in LUMEN’s possession to Grand Master Khemon Dulsur an-Tetrimon

EDIT: All items delivered.

By His Light and His Will,

Lunarisse Daphiti
Directrix Societas Imperialis Sceptri Coronaeque
Executrix Khimi Harar


ATTN: Tribes and Allies

FROM: Kanth Filmir, Hetman General of the Republic
GOC Metropolis, Territorial Defense Guards
Republic Command

Under appointment by the Tribal Council of the Minmatar Republic, I am commanded to oversee the investigation into the conspiracy against the Republic and Federation perpetrated by parties unknown.

To this end I require all those of the Tribes, and request those among our allies, to deliver by secure contract to General Kanth Filmir all materials pertaining to the renegade attacks on Tanoo, Girani-Fa and the conspiracy to carry out mass murder within and against the Tribal Republic.

Signed: Filmir, GOC Metropolis, TDG



Notice of Ongoing DED Investigation

In the event there are parties in possession of intelligence and evidence vital to the security and peace of the New Eden cluster, and having some reason for declining co-operation with particular core empire authorities, I am authorized to act as capsuleer liaison to the DED investigation into the crimes perpetrated in Tanoo and Girani-Fa systems.

Please co-operate with the DED and legally authorized Special Affairs for Regulations and Order investigators and counter-subversion units at all times. Evidence and intelligence may be transferred to SARO custody by secured SCC-standard contract to Colonel Oveg Drust.

I am certain all citizens of New Eden will see the sense of trusting the guardians of interstellar peace, order, and law with the the duty of determining the truth and punishing those responsible.

Colonel Oveg Drust,
SARO Command


That’s the biggest falsehood in this channel so far. Is Nauplius now working for DED?

So much fuss for these useless boring comms boxes. I told my technicians to check if there was anything about me in those logs but they told me it was impossible to tell and that it was unlikely those “great empires” had any interest in my tournament career. They’re not so great then are they!

Well I had already planned this road trip to Pator, which I hear is a quaint and adorable travel destination if you want a rustic kind of charm. And I had already scheduled a meet and greet with a few millions members of my local fan-club there. Since I don’t really care who gets those things I might as well continue with the original plan.

I don’t know when exactly I’ll be there, but my staff member Planet 6 will depart from Tanoo at 23:00 standard to transport those things to Pator where I’ll hand over the toys personally to whomever it was that wanted them.

Since no one bothered to play war with his alliance for tonight, I’m not exactly sure what we can do to make it the spectacle we wanted it to be, and it seems the Electus Matari escort is insisting on a safe route too… if my fans don’t have any special requests we’ll just go straight to this Filmir “very important person” through high sec to meet with him. Big wig or no, there’s no way he won’t beg me for an autograph.


Because that’s worked so well in the past.


I know! Couldn’t they have had someone from the SoCT take the role of talking to “everybody else”? That’s someone we all at least kinda plainly owe something to even if we’re not completely united in liking them.

Instead of someone who, you know, transparently hates us?


This time he gave us an option to hand this evidence over to national authorities instead of demanding we hand it over to him or else.

Maybe they’ve had some sensitivity training and PR seminars over there in SARO?


I don’t think he had much choice. With the Inner Circle meeting (and down a member, with the Caldari representative in Amarr mediating between the Privy and Tribal Councils), if he oversteps in matters of direct interest to two different signatories, he might get handed his balls.

What if I said we could assist with the security and peace of the New Eden cluster, if we could come to a small trade agreement. One of my pilots recovered an Encrypted Ship Log from one of the Moros wrecks.

Currently the Encrypted Ship Log remains safe in a secure lab in our Fort Umbra. I’ve learned my lesson moving assets which CONCORD, and more specifically you want. In case you forgot about our little bit of history together which left my little sister traumatized to fly Haulers.

So for our deal, how about you pull some strings, get a favor from EDENCOM to have a Federal Stellar Observatory deployed in a specified system. Which helps serve your goal of increasing the Security and peace of New Eden. And, In return I will personally deliver you the Encrypted Ship logs and a completely and properly fit Marshal, which I suspect you are in need of one.

Till then the Data shall remain in a secure lab under examination.

Thanks for your time,

Naava Edios,

Strike Commander


After transfer to Pator escorted by EM and NADSC the evidence should now have been placed by the owner on a secure contract, available to Hetman General Kanth Filmir, on the structure ‘Interstellar House of Pancakes’ and the necessary docking and access rights granted. The station is looking forward to a visit by Command.

The escort was mostly uneventful. Our hearts are warmed and hope given new life by the courteous lack of CONCORD-sanctioned wardecs; maybe cooler heads will prevail if even the capsuleer community can hold back at a time like this. A slight misunderstanding between our forces and that of the AmmatarAmarr Navy, as well as some quick trigger fingers, lead to destruction of a small amount of Navy ships and one Tornado-class battlecruiser of Electus Matari.

We remain loyal;

Elsebeth Rhiannon
Head Diplomat
Electus Matari

Ships undock in Pator. There are other beautiful images from the route by Clementine Lafleur here.



Obviously intentional.

Making this hypocritical.

For the benefit of anyone that acknowledges my existence:

The Amarr Navy attacked us first when they were camping the gate in Jark. We cleared them because we needed to do so.


For the benefit of anyone too simple to understand the concept of sovereignty, the Imperial Navy have every business operating in the Ardishapur military circuit; there was no need to kill their personnel, no need to obstruct an investigation into major terrorist activities.

Electus Matari made a choice, the same choice they invariably do–to court escalation with their criminal adventurism, murder in service to that task does not diminish their crime, it worsens it.