So how is that VR thing going CCP?

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Falcon nearly banned me for posting the same gif! :anguished:

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Not sure what you’re on about :3

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Im not a CCP investor.
Only thing I care about, is EVE.

Im a consumer that wants only one thing from CCP, and that is EVE.

From my perspective, any and all money/time/effort that goes into anything else than EVE is a waste.

Certainly I hope that CCPs forays into VR somehow trickle back into better EVE development, but Im not optimistic, especially considering CCPs history with anything EXCEPT EVE.

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Love this thread

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Weren’t they removing VR from some of those games? I remember reading on that. Also, Eve Valkyrie has mixed reviews and poor score from game reviewers like meta critic. So both the reporters and players don’t like it. Gunjack has good reviews though but has been described as an indie-arcade shooter…

Eve missed a massive opportunity in VR, most of their demos involve sitting in a chair and looking around, you might as well just use a monitor at that point, or a tablet.

As an addition, just because sells a lot doesn’t mean it is good, the recent example is CoD infinite warfare. Sold millions like usual, was the most hated thing to come out to date.

1.) sell a lot
2.) get good critic scores
3.) get good player reviews

then it’s a good game.

Media, if the majority believes something is true then it is true whether or not it really is, at points like this it is hard to change someone’s view. Example, 98% of the population believes X and the rest believe Y, even if Y is proven the X outnumbers Y and will drown it out, branding a false truth that can’t be denied until new generations come and believe Y, etc…

The media is a super power :frowning:

I guess VR is dying (“current VR”, the headsets and controllers), since new tech is already coming in an effort to replace it, like mixed reality, combining VR with AR, and also those hologram things, materials that can interact with digital entities and apply a feeling such as pressure or a burn, etc.

In the end, CCP made sitting games that you just look around without any real interaction. Like the hand controllers.

There was also that tech demo, that allowed people to run and jump in VR… CCP, if you ever plan to be VR, AR, whatever R bring it to a Dust title. MR FPS with full interactive movement and feeling. They could also add in those :slight_smile: special chest pieces that simulate the pain of a gunshot without being lethal (and people thought sniping was bad now)

I don’t think any of what said connects to anything at his point, went from VR to marketing to “real” FPS :stuck_out_tongue:

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My view on the whole VR thing, is that its too early, at least for widespread consumer use/demand.

There is the peripherals crazy Star Citizen rich adult crowd niche, but aside from that, its still a novelty.

Kids are where the real huge market is. And kids can even now only barely convince their parents to buy them high-end PC rigs, if even that, let alone VR headsets.

Im not a parent, but my gut vibe is that though parents may be able to (barely) stomach their kids shouting profanities on their headsets several hours a day, adding to that them seeing their kids wave their heads around like blind bats in a dark room with goggles on gets a liiitle too weird for comfort.

Cynically, imo, VR developers should focus on educational uses for VR, such as virtual learning 3D “spaces”, and virtual/interactive tours of historical/prominent world sites AND events.

Not only will this be interesting to educational sectors to fund, but also reduce the threshold of “weirdness” so that parents may atleast have the illusion that their kid is using the VR headset to improve their education experience, so that they might consider buying one.

Atm, we are barely passing the Tablet based integration into education which is still a giant waiting to reach its pinnacle, its too early for VR.

Education is something parents are prepared to pay for, to the point of taking on enormous debt, if necessary. Gov institutions and funds will also be interesting, whereas they wont be for raw gaming. Also saves on other costs such as museum visits, or even textbooks, as well as offering unprecedented potential for virtual learning spaces in many forms, especially for kids whom live in rural/sparse areas, or those with physical disabilities.

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i saw the new Samsung hybrid headset this morning… its coming out next month for $499…

the only thing I have planned for its use is to perhaps play 1 or 2 games… the rest of the use will go to Porn…

yea I said it, cause that’s all VR is really worth…now ill chill out and go back waiting for a sasha grey VR bot to rub my belly… as for eve online wake me up when this game is actually doing something.

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VR is neither massive nor pervasive. Fun fact: Google cardboard is the most popular VR. ROFL

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You hear CCP? There is future in VR! \o/

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The simple reason that Facebook bought Oculus is by far enough for me to never buy a Rift, no matter how good it could possibly become in the future.
Not that I’m any interested in VR anyway.

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well… I must admit I tested out eve valkerie and although it was an exciting game… Ive had just about the same experience playing the Ace Combat games on the sony playstation… its a great effort ccp put into I give them that (see ccp I can say some positive things about you)… but in all reality… I don’t see it being a front runner in the long run… once the genre gets to rolling out more and more products…

as it stands though… CCP is on top of VR… but will they remain I doubt it. its only a matter of time something like Skyrim II or III in VR comes out that wipes eve-val off the map.

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I’ve talked to several rather rabid VR fans and I did manage to get them to admit that the experience is sub-par for RPG style games. At best you’ll get 3d film gimmicks instead of anything that enhances the immersion.

But to your point I’d hazard a guess that when a AAA shooter or sim gets a VR port that’ll cause CCP some heartburn.

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You can already play Elite Dangerous in VR.

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Not sure I’d qualify E:D as AAA. I meant something with the popularity of Medal of Honor or Forza.

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Call of Duty, Battlefield. Final Fantasy.

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EVE: Valkyrie - Warzone Current Player Statistics via Steam.

Granted doesnt show initial VR sales or Playstation, yet lol 30 players on steam average?

VR players cant be that much more.


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VR isn’t ‘virtual reality’ - it’s a small screen placed very close to the eyes. That’s why it’s consistently failed since the 80’s.

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No offense JC_Mieyli, but you’re very wrong in this case. Resource investment in software development does not scale at a linear rate. And it is a well known fact in the industry that adding more members to a team that is behind deadline will slow it down, not speed it up.

As far as I can tell, CCPs design problems stem largely from poor prioritization and horrifically bad upper level decision making. Their big changes often reflect an inability to learn from past mistakes, and attempting to compete on fronts where they are weak rather than leveraging their own strengths. Examples of these two things are the new t3 ships causing the same problems as the old t3 ships which were recently nerfed. Also their constant push to invest in graphically intensive projects and casualization, both of which they are bad at or lack resources to compete.

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Fundamentally, early adopters, in any industry, fared badly, when it comes to longevity. When you coupe that with the track record of CCP upper management, well…

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Porn and education.

Sounds contradictory, but these are the areas to really power VR forward into the mainstream.