So how is that VR thing going CCP?

(JC Mieyli) #126

wow thats like
47000 people

(Nana Skalski) #127

VR community? What is that? :thinking:


78 850 total readers?
EVE reddit have 80 733.

(Ima Wreckyou) #128

Maybe someone else of the vast VR community can answer this simple question if you have no time for it?

(Mister McQueen) #129

Yeah sure.

It’s not massive, it’s still in it’s infancy.

That’s not to say it’s doing bad, though. In the last year, the VR community has grown fairly rapidly from what it was and the quality of games has improved quicker than I expected it to.

I don’t see it as a failed venture and nor do I expect it to fail, but like with investing in anything that’s in it’s infancy, it’s still quite risky.

(Persifonne) #130

Im not getting into VR until they make instead of a VR headset…


So then I could wear my VR Monoclonal with my THOUSAND DOLLA JEANS singing Money Money Money cuz


(Lukka) #131

What I don’t understand is why people will pay $1000 for VR when they could buy a pair of jeans.

(Ima Wreckyou) #132

But the other guy clearly said that it is massive.

(Mister McQueen) #133

Yeah, the other guy was wrong. Maybe he’s biased, I don’t know, but it’s naive to think that a technology that’s only just started to flourish would have a huge community behind it.

I think it will get there eventually as the technology improves and is made accessible to a wider audience by lowering the cost of production (and in turn retail value), but until that time I’m just glad that CCP is backing it and pushing it forward.

Hopefully with enough backing, it can be developed into a Holodeck several years down the line (I don’t actually believe this, but one can dream).

(Benje en Divalone) #134

I saw this article on MassivelyOP: Well not so much of an article as a conversation starter and it’s a rather interesting and spirited discussion.

Even among the True Believers they admit that VR only works for FPS type environments and really doesn’t add much to 3rd person perspective games.

IMO, FPS is for shooters or vehicle sims. MMO’s I much prefer to have a more strategic view. Any time I read an article that features an FPS MMO I laugh and move to the next one.

(Mister McQueen) #135

I somewhat agree here. I personally use mine for first person horror games, flight sims and racing sims, but there are a couple of popular tower defense games and other RTS games that all take place in a third person setting. I would still steer clear of any VR MMO, like you said.

I guess if you’re looking for a ‘total immersion’ experience, then first person would be what you’re looking for in a VR title but each player wants something different out of it. For example; my 6 year old enjoys the painting and sculpting apps, along with the storyboard experiences, but refuses to go anywhere near Assetto Corsa or Alien Isolation. shrugs

(DaReaper) #136

Oh… you are one of thous ‘if ccp had invested more money into eve stuff would be better now’ people?

you do know that is a major fallacy and not true in the slightest

(JC Mieyli) #137


(DaReaper) #138

Depending on the needs of what they are doing, adding more cooks to work on code won;t improve the services or make anything better. It also might slow down updates, not improve them. Just because you have 20 chefs working in your restaurant doesn’t means thats efficient. There is an equilibrium where more money causes delays and issues, due to varing reasons. So throwing more money at eve would nto actually fix anything. The stuff people bitch about now (fozzie sov, citadels functions, etc) would still be there. And as CCP is a video game company, throwing all there eggs into one basket, that being EVE is a stupid idea. The point, more money and devs only works up to a certain point, then you pass efficiency and ventures into inefficient territory and this causes problems. Basic Macroeconomics.

(JC Mieyli) #139

well ofc not
cooks arent programmers or game designers

nah thats absurd

how can you even know that


(Lady Ayeipsia) #140

Aactually, adding more programmers does not improve update times. Any programmers brought on would take time to get up to speed on CCP’s code base. The work load then has to be divided amongst all, and vets spend less time programming and more time helping newer programmers understand the complexities of the code.

The end result is that until the new programmers are up to speed and comfortable, they are actually limiting productivity. This can take anywhere from a few months to a year depending on skill/ability of the programmer and complexity of the code.

Additionally, each change has to be tested. Unless resources are balanced properly (and I have yet to see any company where the resources are balanced well), more features means more testing but with limited resources increase the time to release.

Eventually this can all be balanced. However it may take up to a year or two.

Now here’s the other part… Valkyrie generated a lot of press for CCP. That is a good thing. What we don’t know is if the press and other benefits from Valkyrie exceeds, matches, or is less than what CCP would have gained had it focused on just EVE. Still to simply claim the time and money was better spent on eve is foolish as it is not So be easily quantifiable metric.

(JC Mieyli) #141

thats a short time in eve development
also not all staff need to even understand the code

more money means more staff to test things

yeah so it goes both ways

(Johan Civire) #142

I need to admin mine is eating the dusk the only reason i put those on is for porn you know for research and for the rest its fun to watch and all but that’s it, gaming is for 90% a hell in it. Not because its bad but you want the fast regular game play! Mouse playing is easier and faster. Also moving your head all the time get`s you neck pain.

(Nana Skalski) #143

You need to admit its gathering the dust?

Researching porn is probably one of the best things you can do with it. :thinking:
But still, its only the eyeballs that are being treated with it. What with the other senses? Virtual Reality is meant to be more than two screens just in front of someone’s nose, is it? Or maybe that is just what it boils down to every time actually. So it lacks impact. :thinking:

(Frostys Virpio) #144

It’s gone take a while before we can get more than just the vision of a virtual reality on anything close to a gamer budget. A few company have made FPS gear where you literally walk on a platform to move but as easily guessed, there is never even the trace of a price tag.

Simulator for 1 task like flight simulation cost millions to develop. We ain’t getting stuff like for for gaming for at least a decade IMO unless forking the same amount of $.

(Mister McQueen) #145

Nothing to see here