So if trigs can

So if trigs can turn a high sec space into Null Sec… Can Edincom turn a Null to high?

No. EDENCOM can only hold the status quo, mot advance to higher security states.

Trigs drive out CONCORD; EDENCOM does not include additional CONCORD support.

EDENCOM isn’t invading nullsec, so no.

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Perhaps Edencom needs a highsec wormhole as a staging area.

Perhaps if the trigs can change a systems status so should Edincom. Would be very interesting to see what would happen with Null Sec or Low sec if they had some Concord involvement for a change and put the shoe on the other foot. Just saying…


EDENCOM already does that.
If the Trigs win a system, the security status drops.
If EDENCOM wins the system back, the security rises back up.

But what you’re asking doesn’t make sense. Why would EDENCOM go to random nullsec systems to raise the security statuses of those systems? Lore wise, it’d be a waste of resources, especially when the point of EDENCOM is specifically to fight off the Triglavians.

Rule of thumb for the EVE Online forums. If anyone uses the word “interesting” (or similar language, ex. “spice things up”) it usually suggests a really shitty idea that is poorly thought out and/or overall very bad. That rule of thumb remains true here.


As long as the system doesn’t reach Final Liminality or Edencom Fortress it can ping pong back and forth. (Escalating, Stellar, Redounts)
Once the system finishes the third stage it cannot be changed. (Final, Edencom Fortress)

Edencom can only keep the status quo.
Trigs can change the security level.

No. This all just tips the already unbalanced scales to being even more unbalanced. There is no logic in Iceland. They just throw stuff at the wall and go with everything that doesn’t stick… which is everything.

They are messing with the framework that has existed for the better part of 2 decades and they think there will be no consequences…

Are you unsubbing?


God, is there never anything that makes you happy?

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The consequences are player driven…as it should be in a sand box.

Risk…reward or consequence.
As it is in Eve, as it in the real world.

INB4…Eve is real life.

That’s kind of the point.

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I would like to file a preemptive request for your stuff if and when you quit, please.

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Would you like him to give you his bad attitude as well?

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If carebears were smart, they would argue for more low-sec space, not less. Right now, there are so few low-sec systems/clusters, that it’s difficult to go unnoticed there. More low-sec systems would mean more opportunities to go farm better PvE content without having to deal with disruption from other players. And the amount of high-sec space ultimately doesn’t matter, as long as some exists, because aside from asteroid belts, all other content is dynamically generated, so you could technically fit the entire player base into one high-sec system, and no one would run out of stuff to do. And if they want to mine belts, they should join null-sec groups anyway, because it’s safer.

But we all know how smart carebears are. “Why can’t we get more protected systems where we have the same financial opportunities that we can have anywhere else? Rabble Rabble!” lmao

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The funny thing is that the highsec carebears loved the abyssal deadspace, then they loved the emerging conduits, now they are like “gotta stop the trigs from flipping systems!!”

Of course trig systems will be cash cows, somehow. Nobody can see past their own noses.

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Last 2 posts are nothing more than whining that their chosen side is getting their butt kicked by carebears.
So funny, please continue.

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Thank you for proving the point.

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While very true, it’s fun to think about! And a lot of good ideas start out as crappy ones that get worked into good ones. Meh…

Like Skins?