So my man play this game

You dont have to be pirate, simple fact you like for example lets say a pizza with pineapple is for some a good reason to put bounty on you (like it was in my case :stuck_out_tongue:, but now I am WANTED very much :smirk:)

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oh :smiley:

ok so i guess people wont see me as a pirate then… :upside_down_face:

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Unlike your pizza? :rofl:

Mostly kidding. I’ll eat Hawaiian, but… certainly not my first choice. I’m a man of simple tastes, I like pepperoni. Maybe add bacon if it’s a special occasion.

bounties don’t mean anything really also oldschool bitter vet music

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You sound silly. Perhaps read what was written because kills are not even mentioned there so not sure how you come to the conclusion zkill is involved in any way with what I wrote (beyond you can look up people’s killmails once you get a concord notification). :thinking:

ok when someone loses a ship u get a notification right ie just like zkill anc contuine with the rest of ur post

I see you are fixated on zkillboard for some reason. :joy:

because killing others makes u a better person

also if anyone hasn’t told u need to get evemon

oh i have not got that yet. :stuck_out_tongue:

its god u can plan skill queaes and make sure u train right and such feel free to mail or convo me if u wish

checked it out and yea it was a good thing

Just got Rosada Dawn skin for my mackinaw given to me, I hade no idea there was pink colours on ships. Thank you Tankana!

True dat. There are a lot of thirsty neckbeards in this thread.

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Seems they are still dribbling also!

And you are qualified to state that?
Just post this here!

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Train up your weapons skills.

Then gank your man.

If he’s a good man, he’ll understand.

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