So my man play this game

(Queen Royal) #208

checked it out and yea it was a good thing

(Queen Royal) #209

Just got Rosada Dawn skin for my mackinaw given to me, I hade no idea there was pink colours on ships. Thank you Tankana!

(Gretzel) #210

True dat. There are a lot of thirsty neckbeards in this thread.

(Sol epoch) #211

Seems they are still dribbling also!

(Sol epoch) #212

And you are qualified to state that?
Just post this here!

(Herzog Wolfhammer) #213

Train up your weapons skills.

Then gank your man.

If he’s a good man, he’ll understand.

(Gavreel Moksh) #214

Here is a thought, instead of being in competition with your partner play it with him, you will learn more from him and any corp you join than any where. Oh and as a woman eve player myself I find this thread with its white nights and handouts vomit inducing.

(Sollis Vynneve) #215

You shouldjoin an established corporation that can teach you the intricacys of the game. Accepting gifts of skill injectors isk and ships isnt going too show your partner you are good at the game, itll just show him you are a helpless women who needs handouts to achieve anything.

(Aaron) #216

Lol, what’s this thread about then?

Gavreel is correct, you and your man should be drifting through the stars together holding hands.

(Uriel the Flame) #217

And holding a laser pistol in the other… while transferring cash from the other’s wallet at the same time as well. A sight of true :heart: EVE style. :wink:

(Aaron) #218

I’m trying to talk my girlfriend into playing eve, good news so far is she hasn’t said no. she hasn’t said yes either. If she does start playing it would be so cool just to have another set of eyes and ears around here, we could do limited pvp ops and really make a good name for ourselves.

I’ve made progress that has impressed her, she likes designing characters in Sims 4, I’m showing her it has a similar character creation in Eve.

(Queen Royal) #219

That is very true. Now that i have played for a time its quite apparent, but when i started it was not as much.

(Queen Royal) #220

Hum, yes you are right. He can just be so stubborn at times, and i joined this game to show How wrong his statement was. Now i dont really think the same, and also after having a quite stressfull christmas it feels great to be back in the game.

(Queen Royal) #221

I’m sure you can find a way to reach her heart even through the vast beautiful universe of eve.

(Rexxar Santaro) #222

How is your man in 2019?

(Queen Royal) #223

he is fine thank you :smiley: