So what is your very personal goal, your strange achievement, your spleen in EVE?

After completing one weird plan on my main (see below) I am looking for inspiration. What did you accomplish or are trying to accomplish that is not the traditional “get rich”, “dominate a 0.0 alliance”, “pilot a Supercap”? I am after the strange/weird/unreasonable goals you might have.

That should be all corps with L4 Security agents in connected (!) Hi-Sec. Let me know if I missed one. :wink:


My personal goal is to become the one person in EVE Online with the most amount of X module.

I have a bit of a hoarder side, and every now and then, I like to stockpile a bunch of a single item, bpc or ship. But there has been 1 particular item that I’ve been stockpiling for almost 2 years now.

I want to believe I’m the only person in EVE Online with this quantity of this ~item~ but I’m not certain. And at this point, it’s become almost an obsession for myself to continue collecting this particular item.

The most I can say is that it’s actually a fairly* cheap meta item. It’s not a Deadspace or Faction module. It has a remarkably niche purpose, and I am not doing this for the sake of speculation. Don’t want to give away too much about it in case someone tries to muscle in on my territory, haha.


One of my personal goal’s was to have positive standings with all Empire Factions. I started working on that years ago and in the process of accomplishing that goal, I created the ‘Faction Standing Repair Plan’.

After sharing ‘The Plan’ with the community, it was proven successful and soon became a part of Eve’s unwritten history. Over the years it has helped countless amounts of capsuleers, an achievement that I’m very proud to have associated with my name.

Since I’ve completed my original goal to be positive with all Empire Factions, my main goal now is to have positive standings with all Factions, both Empire and Pirate.

Course working on that also inspired another goal - to complete all ‘Event’ Agents within the game.

These ‘Special’ agents can only be accessed once in the life of the character. Event agents are all Career, Circle, Data Center and Cosmos Agents. I’ve completed all Empire ‘Event’ Agents located in high sec and most of the ones located in low sec space. I’m currently working on completing those along with the Empire ‘Event’ Agents located in null sec space. Lastly I’ll work on all Pirate ‘Event’ Agents.

I’ve also completed other little personal goals in Eve as well, such as complete level 3 Security ‘Encounter’ Missions solo while piloting a Tech 1 Frigate.


I’m a meta-cognitive (meta-cognitioning???) alt strong, independent woman in perpetual denial finding her way through Life! My goal is that, one day, I will become accepted among others as the real person strong, independent and smart woman I want to be am!

*spreads pink glitter everywhere*



The words of Conan best describe it:

To crush your enemies , to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women.


“Hot water, good dentishtry and shoft lavatory paper.”*

Like this one?



Recently I’ve been working on a project to run and record the number of filaments returned from abyssal dead space.
The goal is 333 recorded runs of each filament level. (Chosen because after running 100 the sample size didn’t feel quite right. 200 also seemed low for a proper sample. 500 would make me kill myself. But 333 feels right for trigs)


If you want to get it done this century better make that “crushing of their fedoras” or “shaving of their neckbeards”

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I want to get as many solo kills as possible. I want to win 1v5, 1v10 fights. (As long as I destroy more worth items than I lose, I consider those fights a win.)

Not very strange really, but they’re my dreams. Probably unachievable, but I’m getting closer to 100 solokills every day. Hope I make it to 1000 at some point.

I also want to join in Alliance Tournament.

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One day, I’ll take over my wormhole corporation so I can transform my C1 in a Sansha’s Nation base to raid highsec ans Low-Sec with my own Incursions !

I’ll have a Revenant in that wormhole, I swaer on me mum !


I want Mastery V on everything in the Activity Tracker


I don’t really care about flying a super myself. But I want to “obtain” one from someone with no blue standing towards me. That was my biggest motivation to train into capitals.

Not too long ago I had found a target (a Nyx) sitting unpiloted in a POS, but we did not manage to organize a bashing-fleet in time to kill the POS and steal the ship before someone else did notice it who just shot it down while we had to deal with TEST (trying to) invade us. So both just died, POS and super. But the planning with some friends, running the numbers and figuring out a way to pull it off was a lot of fun on it’s own. We may have overthought it a bit in retrospect so we took to long to do it - but we have learned from it for the next opportunity to come.

So far, I managed to claim an unpiloted Apostle and scoop structures from a wormhole. Apart from solo & small gang pvp those rare occasions create such good stories, are hugely entertaining and also pay off nicely - if successful.

Now I roam around a lot with the mission to find pvp and opportunity.
I don’t look for ISK anymore as I have reached the point where I have enough to fund all my activities a while ago. I seek stories to tell and the fun along the way.


One of my goals was to pop a lot of MTUs and have experiences worth sharing and writing about, and I achieved that, but there is this big round number I never hit, so I may as well login and see if I can reach it.


I would like say I do not care.

My only goal ever… in eve is to have fun my way. If others impact that negatively… I consider this awesome and a hurdle I need to work/fight through to continue having fun (Incidentally that is also fun)…

If others need to suffer for me to achieve my fun… well that is fun too.


I’m not playing Eve that long but i centenly had a lot of strange goals.
My first one was to place public refineries all accross New Eden. Just for everyone to have one close to them.
Today my goal would be to have a industry complex with raitaru stations with all the rigs there are.

In the end i don’t think i will be able to accomplish eigther of those goals because i know i will be wardeced at any time without being able to defend anything.

But maybe someday my dreams come true :slight_smile:


T2 Tissues


Like DeMichael I have a character that has +5 standings with all the factions (Making good use of his guide). I did it back when standings made more of a difference in the game and accomplished it mostly with mining missions. I don’t mine any more, but I still enjoy the accomplishment.
I had another goal to make 50B isk via Industry. After creating a huge supply of researched BPO’s I realized I don’t really like industry and moved on to something else. I’m glad I didn’t feel compelled to finish a goal just because I started it.


I personally would like to have a Centurion Polaris Fridate. A very esteemed Symbol of Rank within ISD.

On the player side, I look forward to being perfect +10 with all Pirate factions. Its not an easy goal.


À Centurion Polaris Frigate ? I’ve never seen one of those :thinking:

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