What is the thing (in EVE) you are the most proud of?

It can be anything : a kill, an evasion, a strategical or fleet command choice, a genial trade, great takling, or exploration, a gank, a long plot success, something that when you recall about it you feel proud of ?

For me it was being part of an Arena event winners. It was a FFA 1v1v1v1 and I exactly had a 1:4 win ratio so it means I was not too bad (I used to check every opponent zkillboard after a fight and I believe people participating in it are mostly good fighters).
I really invested a lot of time, efforts and isk (which in the end was an acceptable loss with the profit you get from it and the loot) and I may sound silly or naive, but winning these stupid skins which are all the same give a unique feeling when I see it and know we are only 100hundred to have


My reply to your post.


I took a long break to take care of real life issues.


Solo’ing a fully fit astrahus and maintaining hole control for 72hrs straight with a friend


Removing the CODE Fortizar and two Astrahus in Niarja, which made it so that CODE did not have a single structure in hisec at the time, was funny that they claimed to hold hisec and yet could not even keep their structures alive.


That time between 2015 and 2017 when I managed to quit for a bit.


Ooof - I don’t think many people who haven’t done it can appreciate what it takes to maintain hole control for 72 hours - and I didn’t even put in half as much effort as those in my alliance/corp who were doing the organisation side of it and that was enough.

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Would you believe that I’m proud of being part of NRDS?
Would you!!!1


When I “won” a 1v1 versus a navy cruiser as a navy frigate without even firing a single shot.
It had agressed me right outside an Archangels station in nullsec and it was 100% one-sided, as i couldn’t even reach him. So I locked him up while he was hitting me and flew around the station as a joke, knowing I could dock up at any moment.
After about 20 seconds though, diamond archangel rats warped to the station, landing a few kilometers from our position. Little did he know that I have very good standings with Archangels and so the rats instablapped him while I laughed all the way to his wreck.


Hm mine? Since coming back I’d say farting around and surviving several WHs in a battle venture.

As a high sec miner, people tend to assume I have no combat skills. It’s such a satisfying feeling to show everyone just how wrong they were…

My first solo PvP kill.

It was a long fight, but thankfully, that mobile warp disrupter never landed a shot on me.


I once spaced a million minmatar slaves for an RP-related thing. #goldenpride


Not exactly an accomplishment but possibly somewhat in the line of this thread would be:

PLEX FOR GOOD donations, I rival entire alliances contributions.


What is the thing (in EVE) you are the most proud of?

My time spent in the previous forum.

Three hundred pages of pure Mr Epeen. Over 7000 posts for your reading pleasure.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Not even close to Dark Shikari or Hippoking then :slight_smile:

Going 55 gates through Null back to my home in Hi in only my capsule (while also pausing along the way to see some sights and mark SPs).

Sticking with Gadget’s geas not to use anything that she didn’t loot, purchase with LP, or build herself.
That includes parts when doing industry.

The only items she’s ever bought on the market were directly from NPC sellers (and were usually BPO’s).

–When playing in a sandbox, Gadget makes her own criteria for success


One sataday afternoon stopping 3 kusion gank fleets in a row in uedama.


I stopped donating CCP
Last promotion with SP for money confirmed the correctness of this decision