What is the thing (in EVE) you are the most proud of?

Having Virtual sex with my spaceship.

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With Aura’s original or new voice?

–Gadget won’t kink shame


Both. New voice, new adventure.


Probably my EVE guide I guess :man_shrugging:


I have met beautifull people and become friends.
I brought the dead back to life .
I have converted countless carebears into blood thirsty PvP ers.
I loved and cared and did my best to protect .



Now you made me recall…

Xucca’s creation took me like 6 hours and around 4 revisions If I recall…
Now, tell me she’s not hawt & mean looking. Go ahead!

I’m most proud of my PR --Public Relations-- toon.



Starting my own corp, more or less singlehandedly getting us set up in a wormhole, and participating in the Agoze i-hub bash that ended (for now) the Caldari/Gallente War.



In-game experience was my first excursion into Null Sec space, think it was in 2010. I spent 2 weeks straight in the Great Wildlands, no docking, just log-out in space, basically playing Cat & Mouse with the Russians (I was the mouse which they never caught). I was piloting a Rapier Force Recon Cruiser fit with Covert Ops Cloak. Thanks to them I quickly learned about Gate Bubbles, safe evasion and how to navigate in Null Sec space.

Out of game experience I’m proud of creating ‘The Plan’ in 2010 which has helped countless amounts of players over the years.

@Mr_Epeen Yeah, the old forums were much better, here’s my stats…


Actually new accomplishment is solving ganking :smiley:

Looked at the longest post you posted in from your stats. It was when they dropped WoD and let a bunch of staff go. A sad day those 10 years ago because folks lost their jobs. Can’t say I was terribly sorry to see WoD go, but sucked people lost their jobs.
Always interesting to see old forum posts and who was posting in them. I’m always curious who continued to play EvE after the time an old forum post was from and what turned out to be correct if EvE things were predicted.

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Ascii art I make and post in chats.


Figuring out how to play my own videos in the Captain’s Quarters. For completely wholesome and innocent reasons, honest…

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Yeah, that time frame is basically when Eve died and CCP gave birth to this new Eve.

Gotta admit things have changed a lot since then, especially within the past 5 years.

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I’m very proud to log into EVE and not spin my ship in dock.
I’m also proud of my training plan, it’s as straight as an arrow and will serve my intended playstyle to my satisfaction whether I stay Alpha or decide to go Omega.
Ultimately, and in conclusion to everything I’ve learned so far about CCP and their game, EVE is primarily a PvP game because CCP has decided it will be so in concordance with their bottomline, the PvE side being incidental and unrewarding, let alone not fun or engaging.
So, EVE, under all it’s pretentious sophistication, is simply just another pew-pew game in space to be played only when one has ships to lose.
Yea, I’m proud of that conclusion too as it will save me a lot of time and money, will minimize frustration and won’t get me emotionally tied up to yet another game.

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Not mining.


I’m proud of the corp I’ve helped to build. They really seem to rally around one another to help each other out. “Team work makes the dream work,” as they say, and I see it all the time in my corp. I don’t have any one moment I’m particularly proud of, but I really love being a part of my corp.


Using a filament to warp a miner to null.

  • for those who cringe, I paid them more isk than they would have made mining in a good while to cover their “experience”. They saw eve they maybe would never see in a long time, and learned a lot how to survive.

and participating in player events, Hulkageddon.

also not being a miner or mission grinder.

also helped a lost person find their exit out of a WH


Being in the same corp for a very long time, and that statue in Amarr :slight_smile: