So when does the new mechanic for ganking and standings drops take effect?

Yes. But with PvP gone from Hisec and Lowsec there won’t be a need for knights in shining armors.

I disagree with everything quoted above.
EVE could be 100% PvE that it wouldn’t make a difference for the majority of players nor would it hurt CPP’s bottom line, it would help it.

I agree that ganking and PvP in general put off a lot of players away from EVE, especially when they learn how toxic the playerbase is. I thought it was just something people said to make EVE sound edgy but no, the toxicity is off the chart and ganking adds to the malaise under the guise of “PvP”.

The future is PvE.
Ms. Bedlam :nerd_face:

Alts generally do what their mains do, yes.

In other news: rain still wet

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Ya know, I suspect the real reason you hate PvP so much is that you don’t seem to have actually done any for years. Everyone else is out there getting kills or being killed, while you just rake in ISK after boring ISK and try to pretend that 2 trillion ISK that nobody knows you even have is more of a ‘win’ than one trillion ISK.

So I suspect that like all anti-PVP-ers…you are basically just a dog in a manger. You have long since ceased to enjoy Eve ( it seems you have even said so in some posts ), and thus you dont want anyone else to either. Wrap all this up in a pretence of caring about noobs or increasing player count…and you then have a ‘cause’ you can fight instead of playing Eve.

Hi Lucasalt923

I don’t hate PvP and I do it most days. Ganking is not the only form of PvP, in fact I barely consider it to even be PvP as you’re only really racing concord, you’re not actually in competition with the target.

Again though, this is made up by you. It’s your false claim that all I do is sit there and make ISK. You’re absolutely welcome to believe whatever crazy little story you want to tell yourself but don’t expect it to impact me when you start chucking it at me. It’s like me saying “You’re only angry because you’re a purple dinosaur!”.

I still enjoy EVE, though certainly not as much as in the past when we actually had an active playerbase. My view is that CCP have made a lot of mistakes, but recent changes have been better, not least of which their shift to actually start to look at ganking so we can stop having incompetent veterans abusing new players.

I genuinely believe that all areas of space would be better and more vibrant if we can just get more players into the game and get them to stay, and that means widening the appeal of EVE.

Oh look, another false claim. I only post on this guy, what stories you make up about random other people on the forum also don’t affect me. It’s just a coping mechanism on your part.

It’s not even worth replying to.
We know that anyone they don’t like they call an “alt”

It’s worse. It’s lies. But they seem quite comfortable in a world of lies.


Get back in your box alt! :rofl:

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Naaaoooww… I like it here :smiley: I think I’ll stay a while.

Pseudo griefing.

Lucas is mad because he got ganked, and then (like most antigankers) he tried ganking and failed, and now he’s spent the past decade crying endlessly on the forums and celebrating the final nerf which will forever end ganking… which is coming any moment now… CCP is getting ready to punish the gankers and finally Lucas will be vindicated… any monent now…

He is a classic case of mad cuz bad.

Typical lazy antiganker who won’t actually fight the gankers or stop them, so he just wants CCP to step in and solve it for him, which they will do, just wait it’ll happen…


Ah…that must be why your most recent killboard record is getting on towards 3 years ago.

You know how silly this argument is, yet you still keep presenting it. How’s the no docking and tethering in HS working out for ya?

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If it looks like one and it quacks like one…its a…

So, how’s not being able to tether affecting the market? I’ve seen a lot of structures unanchored since this expansion.

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Tethering changes don’t affect me at all. An now that I have an Omega ganker set up…neither do the Alpha ganker changes.

Business as usual.

Zkillz tells another story. Also, it’s amazing how many gankers flag my posts. The latest is historical! I smell fear.

except you’re now paying a sub for that ganker .
business as intended .

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Yeah sure, so you are 17day new player with no killboard history, and somehow you are engaging on forum against PvP in this game. Totally not “alty” behavior. I didn’t read your posts enough to see if you seem to have any knowledge about the game or not, but just this is enough to make a conclusion that you sir, are an obvious alt.

Nope. We are still multiboxing alphas and ganking with them everywhere. CPP can’t even nerf things properly.

They’re forum bullies.
They’re afraid that their days of griefing for lolz are coming to a close, that their bully tactics are getting nerfed for the good of the game and community and they’ll have to combat real PvPers instead of unarmed lambs.
Their days of looting noob ships in Hisec are over.

The Future is PvE
Ms. Bedlam :nerd_face:

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