So You Want To Be An AG? Here's A Starter Guide :D

Id rather become a ganker

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But that takes a tiny modicum of effort. And that cuts into my isk/hr grind.

The better solution is to lock up all gankers in RL, and charge them with destruction of property, and undue emotional stress. Then remove ganking from the game.


Yes I do have Aiko, think I have too, and I only take what I kill

Do you really have that Frozen Corpse?

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Screenshot of your corpse inventory please :smiley:

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One I wouldn’t mind is @Dracvlad 's . Would trade a camel, 2 sheep and a rifter for it. Double that for @Githany_Red 's .


Real or Fake?

Just seems too good to be true!

Thank you Aiko but You Are Still No Longer My Princess!
I have boat loads of Corpses but the one I am after won’t be this one! I had been tricked before!


I’d take a Lucas Kell. And even offer double of what’s it’s worth. 1 isk for it.


Can’t you click the round i button to see the actual name of the corpse? It was some time since I did this and too lazy to sign in just to check it out but I seem to recall you could check the name of the corpses in contracts somehow… not 100% sure though.

Which one do you really need

Think I might start a new post so as not to spoil this one about corpse collection and hunting I’ll link it later

Sometime later :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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All my corpses have there names shown

We were talking about the contract picture Iceacid shown, not corpses in the hangar.

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Oh yes I understand now sorry

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Don’t you worry about it. :slight_smile:

I think I might need for you to bump me to the head of the queue for this one thanks. o/

I’m sure VIP treatment will cost you extra ISK. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: :smirk:

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idc cause for me it is entertainment and vip treatment might boost my morale which is rather low currenlty with New Eden.


I’m sure the Bandit Princess writes her blog in a drug induced state.

Apparently Wrathful Hawk recently declared a war on Orcas. Untill Hateless returns to making eve videos

They say content makes content, it a shame the time zone are not a good over lap but going to give it a go at hawk hunting, do i need a permit.

So her blog full of fake miners and poor Hawk, Hateless made him gank orcas. Like he’s not done that before :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

To me its… Well we all know what it is really, even if you make it sound all nice and fluffy with a little joke here and there.

And I never praised Aiko, according to her blog.

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This is correct and the records show that no praise for Aiko by Githany Red.


/Can’t really comment of the war on Orcas.