Solstice_Projekt totally likes spiders

@Solstice_Projekt likes spiders :spider:
That’s why I’m not friends with him
and he is ugly …


But how do you feel about Archer?


he probably don’t washes that mask


Why am I getting my own thread now?


… before this gets locked …


Post plushy spiders. :blush:


All your chit-chat on the other thread was removed by the moderators. Tutu was told to come here if he wanted to goof off.

@Archer_en_Tilavine is the co-head of the mission-runners’ union.


This is all rather confusing.


Ah, that guy …

What the ■■■■’s a mission-runners’ union?
They have a union??


Sure. If you want to be a station trader at Jita, but don’t want to farm standings to reduce your market fees, you pay Archer to have his underlings run missions on your behalf.

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@tutucox_Khamsi … I’m sorry, I don’t really know what to say about you not liking me …
… but I appreciate the thread. Hasn’t happened for a long time that someone made a thread about me. :blush:

Maybe we should be friends anyway, though.

What do you like?

So you sit in a fleet with a dozen people and they push your standings?




jk last one was cute af :smiley:
anyway this is all ms @Xeux fault …

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Nah, it wont get locked till someone starts throwing real :poop: around! @Xeux, what happened to your veterans tag?

Uh . . . it was revoked.

Did they give you a reason or did it kinda time out from inaction? Mines gone as well, but I don’t post enough… I’m waiting to see if Archer still has his. :smirk:

I think of @Solstice_Projekt as “Captain Ellipses” (you should name your inevitable new forum posting alt that)

“Mission Runner Union” :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting: that is the worst way I’ve heard us described to date. I don’t think you know how much I hate mission running. I hated it even when I formed our group. I’m just a space pimp - I get paid but make others do the work.

I’m pretty sure one of your forum alts posted on one of our advert threads before :face_with_monocle:

IIRC you said you removed yours on purpose because you were embarrassed by it.

BTW @tutucox_Khamsi you should have started talking about spider TANKING to dance around B-Lody

ISD Dorrim Barstorlode Stamp of Toleration2

There was no reason given, but I don’t think I will ever get it back.

There are so many actual, RL military veterans that play this game, it felt really weird to have a “Veteran” badge that actually meant something more like “Hall Monitor.”


i adapted a big ass DDLC poem to @Solstice_Projekt
art is often misunderstood :frowning:

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The following discord emoji captures my reaction to the above:

I don’t think anybody understands you. You could be asking for peanut butter to go with your jelly and we still wouldn’t know what the ■■■■ you’re talking about (mostly because we don’t comprehend why you’re talking about sandwiches - you can be so weird sometimes).

You are just mad because he announced his candidacy for CSM before you did.

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Pfft I’m just waiting for CCP Aurora to implement CSM Candidate tags on forums first :angel:

good luck bro


Next years CSM race should be a good one! :popcorn:

I promised Archer my vote, “but” never promised all my acct’s votes. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@Xeux Sorry for you loss. You deserve a badge for your wit, wisdom, intelligence, knowledge and helpfulness in the forums. What you do in game is beyond me. :smirk_cat:

I hate to think my stepping on the ISD’s toes on purpose had any part in that. I humbly apologize to the ISD and politely ask that Xeux be given back the title that she so richly deserves. If I were only 20 yrs younger? :heart_eyes:

Good point! It could be renamed to forum veteran but that’s to long. Maybe experienced?