Some bad game concepts

I know, you two are fun to read.

For some reason since we started to talk about the challenge that comes up as a main issue why anti-ganking is hard. I honestly haven’t heard that complain before. I must have completely missed all the request for tools to better track us down to then efficiently ag us.

Apart form the challenge to find miner gankers, which I can see, I wasn’t aware that ag finds it challenging to locate Freighter gankers, since they are always in a hand full of systems and have a channel that constantly reports if they are online. But I’m learning new stuff here.

I know you just try to scare me so I back down from the challenge… hahaha no

I’m trying to scare you?!
How am I doing?

It strengthens my resolve

Freighter ganking was actually fairly widely dispersed at times, especially when AG had multiple large repping fleets running around, so the gankers stacked up multiple bumped freighters and ganked where the reppers were not. We had to pick the lkely target by scanning the cargo, but the gankers would go and gank something else and keep it bumped until they could gank it.

I had numerous events where I had to go and logged, and ten minutes later it was ganked.


Ridley should feel free to employ that tactic as well :slight_smile:

I didn’t think it needed strengthening but I’m thrilled to be helpful.

I’ve never done either of these, ganking or anti-ganking, so I lack any sort of direct experience on which is harder. It just seemed to me that gankers have lots of targets all over the place, while anti-gankers have very few and very specific targets.

Things have moved on a bit, these large AG repping fleets only exist in regards to one AG multi boxer who focusses on Kusion quite often. So it is no longer needed to stack up targets like that which thankfully is not possible after the bumping change. I often wonder what would have happened if CCP had done this bumping change during that period. It would have been a really good fight in certain key pipe systems, but alas they left it too late and by the time that issue had evened up there were no longer enough AG to do it.

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Both AG and ganking revolve around the same objective. A juicy target. Scout for juicy targets (the same process gankers are doing).

I may or may not employ such a large repping fleet to counter the gank, I will see. Have not decided on a strategy, but it sounds all fairly easy, although you all tell me it’s super hard.

Ridley suggested that you actually AG against Kusion, I think it would be interesting to see, just don’t warn him that you are going to do it.

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Well we first do the challenge where Ridley shows us how easy it is to gank and I try to prove that anti-ganking is easier by attempting to prevent his ganks. You can always deploy the strategies I come up with against Kusion after that.

This is just a forum back and forth, none of us currently have Omega accounts anyway.

By the way, you were right about skill injectors.

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Glad you see that now. What aspect of skill injectors was I right about?

Those were some good times.
Fozzie was easy to be had though. Or maybe he was for rent. I don’t know. I still think he should go to hell without paperwork for that rapid missile launcher reload time.


You know, we can see you lurking around and liking Drac’s post, but completely ignoring the proposed challenge.

I’m going to steal that, thank you!

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So pick a region, sometimes jumping all over Eve is a waste of time.

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