Some control over site spawning in wh space

More specifically, create 2 devices that can be used to “control” site (data/combat/relic/ore) spawning in wormhole space. Not fully control, but make it possible to increase chances of sites spawning. (read to end, this is not an “OP” get rich quick thing)

1 anchorable device that you put down in a wormhole in deadspace (1000’s of KM away from any other object-even AU’s not to stretch grid or experiment for weird mechanics) where you want a site to possibly spawn. The type of device controls the sucess rate and the tier (T1/T2) controls the time till expiry. This device does NOTHING in itself. It’s just a placeholder for when you actually anchor the second device.

2nd anchorable device would then be placed in an existing site (in another wormhole). You then need to go back with an item you pulled from this device and put it in the first device in order to link them. So that when this site naturally despawns or gets emptied/finished it has a chance to spawn where the first anchorable device is.

  1. These devices cost ISK, cost material, and time to put them in place. They are consumed once they have done their thing.
  2. They can be scanned down and destroyed (with or without reinforcement timers and such, depending how CCP thinks this might work). Maybe make them hackable to steal spawn core so you can put it in your own 1st device in your home.
  3. They can be camped at. If you see a WH with many site receivers (first device) you know someone might run then in very near future.
  4. You might make the second device hackable to the person that puts it down and depending on the quality of the hack the data core might be higher quality to make spawn chance in 1st device better?

  5. There’s a lot of parameters that can be played with and it would provide extra content in WH space. And if a balance is struck between competition over them and success rate of “site scooping” and the ISK cost/reward then this might be really fun AND handy :slight_smile:

(not of any real value, but I was the one that suggested the “somerblink” replacement, the refocus of the zoom level in the probe scan window when clicking a target and a usefull minigame with real world value instead of the “old” minigame)

Why would that benefit the game? People would make more sites spawn in their own, well defended Home WH where they have all the advantages on their side in case someone wants to cause trouble and - even more probable - wait until they have spawned enough sites and then close themselves in, running them without much risk.

It is absolutely intentional that these sigs spawn randomly (within the constellation after one has been finished or expired), so from time to time - if you want to make money - you have to do sigs in other wormholes where other people might have the advantage, and sometimes others - if they want to make money - have to do them in your WH where you can ambush them.

Your suggestion would imho lead to safer site-running and less conflict, which is bad for player interaction and overall fun.


Fair point. Didn’t thouroughly look at it that way:

  1. The items cost money and work and time. So the payout of the site is already reduced.
  2. You can hack them, the “sender” device. So you have to defend it or watch it (in a foreign) wh!
  3. It is a CHANCE that you get a good data module to haul back home to plug in your receiver. Wich in turn might get shot as well! If you find a WH with a couple of receivers you scan them then shoot them…
  4. Camping a WH is very common. And as you should know you can open the entrance (hs/ls/chain) to get your team in to jump on whoever is running the couple of sites they claimed with this system.
  5. There should be a maximum number of points that you can put in any wh to receive sites. So you can only have like 2 or max 3 and then only from a certain type…

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