Some thoughts on dealing with hi-sec Triglavian recons squads

While funny posting about deep scan, and I know Trigs show on that, you get more warning than deep scan for a ganker.

So short sighted.

It provides mission specific ore which does not have to bother with refining. Which means a much shorter skill arc to income generation.

It is traded directly to the Agent in exchange for ISK and LP, completing the mission objective. It does not have to be compressed or hauled to market hub. Again, another short-cut to income generation.

The real issue is that most of the mining agents are for Non-Player Corporations that have elementary Loyal Point stores and basic services. (i.e. low grade refining/reprocessing 35% vs Navy 50%) Anything of actual value is gated behind the requirement of NPC Faction Tags. Obtaining the Tags directly will seriously erode standings, and are obtained from rare Combat missions. The primary options being Faction Ammunition or Attribute and Faction oriented Hardwire Implants. (Given the noise behind the removal of Attributes, well that’s a rabbit hole for another thread). Quafe and Thukker about the best of the worst bunch of options. And Thukker has a serious trade-off for Standing. Now, if Outer Ring had an agent in High Sec like Thukker and SoE have it might actually make it worth while.

All that given, Mining Missions offer a mining environment free from the intrusion of Triglavians. Answering the question posed by this thread. That increased safety comes the exchange of lower income - well inline with the game’s philosophy.

Triglavians are achieving something that umpteen years of suicide ganking never could. It educates players about fitting a tank and being observant of the game’s environment. Every miner that converts to a Procurer or Skiff is another nail in the coffin to aggression on mining. If only all miner would switch.


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*directional scan

The point I was trying to make was that all the tools are there for you to counter the trigs .
Use dscan
Point your ships towards your fav station
Fit a shield or amor tank but don’t fit anything other than t2. Bling mining ships deserve to die
If with orca fit remote reps .
There are many ways to deal with this but they involve a little work or being outside that cozy box you enjoy living in.

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Imo (and this is related to this topic) newbies should have the option of starting in nullsec. It might teach them to be a little more adaptive in their playstyle and find ways to deal with threats. And then we might not get so many of these threads.
Also trig’s in belts are a good thing (now it’s on topic)

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Sure, I’ve said those things myself, You seem to have some idea I’m crying about things with your response.
But the fact remains, that Trigs are stealthier than Gankers. And this isn’t a good balance. If looking in local can detect gankers, it should detect Trigs, even if the best we can do is a notification in local rather than having their name show up. This would still require paying attention, and looking at your screen. It’s not about being lazy, it’s about the tools required being comparable.

So if there is a notification that trig patrols are in the system then what happens ? People pay attention?

What I’m saying is if people were paying attention to begin with then there wouldn’t need to be any kind of notification they would see them warp into the belt.

I’m not trying to troll you or to have some kind of forum fight with you I’m just not understanding why this would be needed.

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What we should be doing instead of fighting about it try to figure out what the patterns are.
From what I’ve seen if you are moving around in the belt it’s less likely they will come.
The more people in a belt the less likely they come.

This is only what I’ve observed I have no clue if it’s random or there is a pattern behind when and where they spawn

The Trigs not only visit asteroid belts, but also player citadels and POCO’s. There is only one group of roaming Trigs in a system at a time. So, the more belts there are, the more player citadels there are, and the more planets there are in the system you are mining in, the less likely that they will visit you in whatever belt you are mining in.

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Ok I didn’t know it was only one group thanks.

Now I wonder if they follow some kind of pattern when they are warping around because I’ve heard people in the next belt to me report trigs but then they haven’t appeared in my belt. Maybe it just random

I think it’s just random. I mine in the same system, and I’ve had them warp in on me every 5 minutes, and sometimes like yesterday I mined for 5 hours straight and didn’t see them once.

That is a shame if there is no pattern.
Yeah I’ve gone the same amount of time and not seen any or heard anyone report them.
But im sure you can hold them for longer at structures.
I’ve been at a structure and docked up then undocked in a combat ship and there gone. But if I sit there they will stick around scanning for 5 mins or so before leaving.
But they never attack at structures though but do in belts.
At least they never have attacked me at a structure

The idea is thus.
Ganker enters system, you see them in local. You go ‘hey, I need to be perfectly on my game, I can’t afford a 30 second break to grab water’ but you don’t panic & dock up instantly because you know about using your Dscan & overview.
15 minutes later the ganker actually warps to your grid, and you weren’t risking a short break so you are in a position to warp out instantly.

Trigs however, you don’t get the initial ‘be on your guard’ warning if it spawns after you start for the day.
So the idea is to provide an initial ‘Don’t go grabbing a glass of water without docking’ warning before the horde of death descends upon you.
This provides self learning opportunities for people to go ‘oh, that’s what the message in local meant, maybe I’d better do something about it next time’ rather than just ‘I blinked and red triangles murdered me in seconds, what the…’

Can we cope without a local notification? Sure. But it is more consistent if we do have one, and provides more reasonable stages of escalation for players to respond to and manage their levels of risk vs attention required.

As far as I can tell there is always a trig group roaming. If you kill them then another one spawns normally in a different location however I have had trigs spawning instantly after I killed the last group in the same belt.

So it looks like it’s a constant thing. You kill one group another spawns.
But I think it maybe like quakegod said. The more stuff in local that they like to hang around the less likely you are to see one.

Also worth mentioning is that when I’m fleeting with many pilots we very rarely have them warp in on us. Could it be they are looking for easier targets and will avoid larger groups ?
If anyone has noticed this also let me know.

This is pretty accurate, but… that assumes the emerging conduit is spawned when you undock.
It can spawn part way through your operation. Which is really the part this is aimed at addressing.

And the fact that the roaming squad has no spawn delay is an issue of itself, since it means that fighting them is pointless, if you are able to do it in your mining ships without interrupting mining it’s ok, but as soon as you have to ship swap or even drone swap it’s pointless.

So what effect does the emerging conduit have on trig spawns? If you complete it then the trig spawn is gone ?
But then they respawn after maybe 5 mins so it doesn’t give you much time without trigs roaming.

Maybe the conduit boss has something to do with it as he will warp off if you leave him till last.

The emerging conduit is where the Scout squads spawn from, no conduit, no scouts. (Assuming there isn’t a lost squad still in system when one despawns).

Agreed also the Conduit respawn timer is too short. That being more like 30-60 minutes and scout squads being 5-15 minutes would make it more reasonable to fight to keep your system clear of Trigs.
But… If you do this, you doubly need a local notification when they spawn.

As for the boss, who knows.

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