Something Big in the Works

We’ve been committing a lot more funds than usual to acquiring as many parts as we can for what I am guessing is either one very big vessel or a new fleet of mid-sized ones. I’ve never seen such huge hauls --and back to back-- like this. Even our Bestowers and Impels with their expanded cargo bays are making dozens of trips a piece to get everything out here. I’ve even been pulled from my normal work to help out until we are through.

I don’t think my father would be trying to build the former, the biggest there is; we don’t have the manpower to staff such a thing. We never go into battle, either. But… I can’t think of any other explanation for these expenses and assignment changes.

What if he was, though? …What if we really are slowly starting to assemble our first… I’m not even going to say the word; I don’t want to get my hopes up or jinx it.

Ugh; I really don’t want to head all the way out to Jita again. That place is really cool, but it’s just so damn far. Why can’t things be priced reasonably much closer to us?

Thank the Sefrim most of what we are hauling comes from systems much closer to home.

Whatever is going on, it will be months before even I could help crew such a thing. Even once I get all my schooling completed, I’ll want some time off to rest my brain, so… This Summer, I suppose, is when we’ll all find out what’s been going on this quarter.

…and where the heck would he put such a thing… if we really are… Stop it, Zed. Go to sleep. You can dream about such things, not voice them --not yet.


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