Song below the astroids chiptune remake

did some SID synth experiments in FL studio and endet up with Jon hallur haraldssons most catchy song in a chiptune/8bit style

don’t listen on crappy laptop or cellphone speakers!!!


ooohhh i gotta listen to this later!

I think it sounds great heard like that; gets the old blood racing again!

Enjoyable piece Vorstellung, thanks for sharing it. Jon’s name is actually Jon Hallur Haraldsson; I made the same error when citing him, but changed it after checking. You might wish to do the same.

I looked at the SIDizer synth. The demo examples are cute, no? Tbh I can’t believe they want $49 for it; seems a bit pricey to me for what you get, but it could just be that I don’t have $49 to spare right now. I’m a softsynth/VSTi hoarder…

Never mind. I liked your tribute exercise and I hope you find time to upload more!

EVE is not pixelated enough.

im sorry mr. haraldsson, that was a mistake. trying to correct this!

most synths i used were either free:
miniSID and basic64

or included in my fl studio edition

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Sick :slight_smile: Big up FLStudio too :wink:

Somewhere in the prods you should find stuff you might enjoy, including lots of free music, softsynths etc.

Also: … click on Listen.

Welcome to the demoscene!

Thank you M. Parasol, I’ll check out those links.

I have to be careful though; playing with pots and faders takes time away from actually producing anything. This is something I’ve noticed with a lot of software musicians. Some of them would surely do better as sound designers, though they probably wouldn’t regard that as particularly ‘sexxxy’.

So I use presets mostly, with a minimal amount of tweaking. I’m no Beethoven, but if he’d had to invent each instrument he wrote for afresh in each and every composition, he’d probably have produced a tiny fraction of the output we know about.

I’m passionate about getting stuff out there, and I’m particularly interested in EVE folks doing something, anything EVE-related. Video, audio, artwork, whatever. It helps to expand from within the universe in which we spend so much of our leisure time.

Are you involved in music, yellow?

No, i’m not. I’ve been kind of involved in the demoscene though, and i know a few electronic musicians.

if you’re ever looking for likeminded people, inspiration or new techniques, pouet is something for you. tons of experience and many are a part of the industry nowadays.

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i have another version of this song in mind. it will have only one instrument either a pipe organ with echoing accoustic like in a big church or maybe a hammond like e-organ im not sure. i have only changed 2 pattern yet and still experimenting. also i dont know how with holidays incoming how much time i can find to finish this and upload to youtube. but i will keep posting here when its done.

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I downloaded 2 free chiptune synths for my Reason 10 platform (I have Sonar but don’t use it now that Reason allows VSTs and Sonar is dead). One does rhythm, the other, melody. I took a quick look at them and started smiling straight away. The memories!

Organ patches are a natural choice for that kind of music, and Haraldsson does in fact use a modified organ patch in his original music. He uses it quite frequently for chordal/background stuff. I noted from his LinkdIn profile that his experience is with Reason, and Pro Tools (for mastering), so he may have picked it up from there.

Take your time. Nothing worse than uploading unfinished material. It’s easy to fall prey to that temptation in the rush to get stuff out. On the other hand, both SoundCloud and YouTube will allow you to re-upload the piece as it progresses. I have taken advantage of this occasionally because I’m rarely completely satisfied with anything I do. Mind you, after a certain point, I just say ‘enough’, and leave it.

I look forward to hearing your piece, whenever it appears. Just make sure to let us know, or perhaps send me a mail in case I’m off the forums.

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