SOOOOOO the new FW seems to be NOICE

uprising is ■■■■
they killed FW
FW = new null sec
good job ccp… not

Let us imagine for a moment, that you are a tiny wholesome pilot with perfect rocket skills.
This would be the DPS done by the dual compact BCS fit, referred to as the Grease Payn variant:

And this would be the DPS dealt by the one with a single bcs and a t2 rate of fire rig, referred to as the Suitonia variant:

As you can see, the Suitonia variant does 320 DPS, whilst the Grease Payn variant does 312 DPS.
It therefore follows that since 320 is a higher number than 312, the Suitonia variant pew pews more.

The reason why I like the Grease Payn variant is that having 3 slots available for shield resist rigs allows me to tailor my shield resistance profile to the enemy I am fighting.

That does not invalidate the fact that the raw DPS and EHP numbers on the Suitonia variant are still higher. It also costs like 10 mil less, which is a thing for some people.

And that is a relevant thing to point out, because it takes a very obsessive individual to have 5 different scramkite hookbill fits just to hardcounter specific targets (including one with a SEBO and a ECCM script to deal with Navy Griffins).

For the overwhelming majority of other pilots, having 1 shield-tanked scramkite fit is fine, and they don’t want to deal with the additional logistics or having to tell them apart.

I tried to bring it up with the CSM but basically became a bittervet when I realized that there was no adult in the room to speak to.


at least you tried
keep the good job
i wish i could give you two hearts :heart:
that fitting content was fine :+1:

I see. Sorry for the misunderstanding. I compact one of the webs and put a T2 Bay Loading Accel. (or calefaction catalyst, if it’s cheaper) on both fits. With that extra ROF (or damage) from the rig, the 2x BCU one does indeed do more. I do not see the point of going full tank rigs in a non-DCU fit, outside of the Polarized niche.

I’m complaining to much
i will try to stop complaining
some say i didn’t adapted well to the new changes
i agree
im tilted AF , geting a beating
what a loser

anyway i collected some screenshots to try to make a point or something…

Captura de Tela 2022-12-28 às 20.18.08

Captura de Tela 2022-12-28 às 20.21.43

Captura de Tela 2022-12-28 às 20.27.12

TLF Merlins should not be fit like that.

I implore my TLF combatants to use AB dual rep double web blasters.

What is the point of winning at FW when you can’t easily tell someone they lost!


Fun. It’s as simple as that.

That’s very simple.

I use EM+EM+Therm rigs when fighting enemies with lasers.

I use Therm+Therm+Kin rigs when fighting enemies with hybrids.

I use Therm+Therm+Explo when fighting enemies with disintegrators.

I use Kin+Kin+Kin rigs when fighting kinetic-locked launcher hulls.

If they can choose their damage type, IE launcher weapons or projectile weapons, I just send in the Laser version and watch them load EM ammunition that I have good resists against.

This is why I prefer the version with 2 BCUs and 3 shield rigs over the other one.

Asides from that I also have one version of the anti hybrid one that replaces a web for a sensor booster with an ECCM script in case someone shows up in a Griffin Navy Issue with dishonour drones.

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I pretty much exclusively use Field Extender rigs on my MSE ships. I don’t like refitting rigs, as it is expensive, and I don’t wanna keep tons of differently-rigged ships scattered around the warzone. If I am using a MASB, then I use a DCU and shield resist rigs, usually EM+Therm, then a DPS rig. If I go dual rep, I only ever put one shield rig on the Breacher, everything else gets hull tanked.

You misunderstand me. All of these are staged at all my forward operating bases. I do not refit the rigs. I simply reship to the appropriate variant. Field extender rigs don’t make sense to me without Nirvanas. Resists are the logical choice for empty pods and Crystals.

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Is the new FW already dead? Was the recent payout nerf a step too much? After the holidays I see much lower activity in Caldari/Gallente space, battlefields are unopened, never seen before … what is going on?

the age for more poeple is needed

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