SOOOOOO the new FW seems to be NOICE

FW would be much better if the PvE component was removed entirely, and the way that participants are rewarded would focus entirely on the PvP component.

For example, and kill by a FW member should result in a 90% loot drop, always. On top of that, taxes on FW-nonparticipants need to be increased, and the money added into a pool that gets paid out as supplemental bounties based on activity/contribution levels of militia members. Want fewer taxes and more financial opportunities? Then join FW, otherwise you’re a pleb that gets the shekels pried out of their scraggly peasant hands.

Of course CCP will never do this, because they want their prissy little carebears farming high-sec garbage content, and for FW to act as a low-sec PvP red herring of an “arena” to distract all the sociopaths away from farming tears.

Incorrect. I’m fine with war decs, but they need to be fixed.

I don’t think this character has ever undocked. Long story…

Good luck picking random targets.

Lol…get a Hel you krab!!! :crab::crab::crab:


Thank you for sparing us from a really dull, droll, and uninteresting story.

Time to stop wasting my time and add this one to the Scot bin.


You wouldn’t be happy either way, I may as well stick to a positive outlook.

type solo eve PVP on YouTube and 90% of the videos you get is FW
now we have this
please make so fleet only on larges
this is NOT the anarchic small fight ethos of FW

besides making only 4ish systems in the WZ relevant is BAAAD

i know some people like it
i dont

my 2 cents

Brawling Moa - Solo PvP looked good, is that current meta?

current meta


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Fewer places may help increase the density of people in those places.



And some of it is multiboxers and botters. You win some you lose some.

I pretty much only fly T1 and Faction nowadays.

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@Io_Koval your killboard is like mine. Very honorable.

Please fix your horrid Hookbill fit though…

MASB invuln with a CPU low is cringe.
Rage rockets with only one web is cringe.
Rage rockets with dual web shield tank with dual damage lows is based.

I have like 5 different hookbill fits. 3 of which are meta, 2 of which are wtfbbq to try out. The way I play, I buy fitted frigates in bulk (50+ at a time). Which means I have a few duplicates of each fit. And so the horrid hookbill fit still lives on. :slight_smile: As does “pleasant” – if that’s the opposite of horrid – fits.

I have fun trying ridiculous off-meta things. Usually it doesn’t work out, but rarely it does, and in the process I have fun and learn the limits of a hull.


Rage rockets can work without webs even. The situation where that statement holds true is when you’re a tackler and you knock out the target kiter’s MWD with a scram. Then they become le slow.

The Grease Payn variant. It is based, yeah. I like it because you have 3 free rig slots to use to match your shield resists to the damage type of the target.

However the Suitonia variant which goes damage control + ballistic control system with 1x T2 rate of fire rig and 2x T1 shield resist rigs still holds the title of highest DPS and EHP of any scramkite Hookbill fit.

Then there’s also the Beethoven variant, which goes ab + scram + web + web + weapon disruptor with anti range script + damage control + saar + t2 damage rig + 2x t1 hull hp rigs.

All three have situations in which they are merited.

If he wants to test things and he has the isk, let him do what he wants. Telling him what he must fly is negative waves.

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The TD Bill, your “Beethoven”, is a classic. I tried the “Suitonia” DCU extended one, but I seem to prefer the dual BCU one because it increases the likelyhood of unforced errors due to DPS pressure, and more DPS is more beneficial than more tank, usually, in 1 v 2+ engagements.

Good point. Lo siento.

The suitonia variant with the DC and the BCU has more DPS than the dual compact BCU variant, mind you. Eeks out at about 320 DPS with maxed rocket skills and the two implants.

This has not really an Issue (at least in Ca/Gal space). As matter of fact, I have never seen that. The only Null Blocks active are the usual Supects (Snuff etc. hunting Astras and Mining fleets), and TEST actually joined and is playing in the pool nicely with the rest of us. Wholesale Nullsec farmers in Plexes? Nope. AWOXing Russian LP Farmers yes, but guess what? They are limited to the same ships we fly, the restrictions between NVY and ADV have actually cut down in OP Upshipping shenanigans. Are there Multiboxers yes, are they a problem, not really, at least not in a game breaking sense. We have problems in FW with the new mechanics, but stuff has been slowly getting tuned, and yes it has been a blast more content than you can shake stick at.

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I’m just wondering where the 5k players that signed up forIT are commenting ?

What? No…
The dual compact one has a lot more.

FW is great and all but this patch came wrapped in so much other ■■■■ that our PCU is already back to pre uprising in less than a month lol.