Space Mining Limit Guideline

Since the info on the agreed to percentage of use from celestial bodies, including asteroids, is no longer easy to find, or , anywhere to be found, unless by gathering more info, I am starting this thread , so to find it back again.

I found info on this rate being around 3% to 1/3
, although, since I can’t remember , and, the data and info is hidden, it is inaccurate.

It would be a bonus to find how it’s hidden, but it’s not the main goal.

I did however find and verified that it was due to treaties from 1967, the exact same year I was born, which is not a coincidence.

Edit 1 minute later:
Let’s find how long it takes to find it back again, and, from which source.

The 25 to 50 new references and older references to this all omit it , when it was agreed to during the last 10 years to 29 years.

All new projects refer to this qualitatively without concrete reference to facts, always hiding details, or , overloading with details, if not intentionally.

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