Spettrer fleeet bombert bar make me quit playin after 15 yesr of playing eve

It start Yestedday

I join publick fleet all ok i evenm talked
Boss about FC fast speak.

Then i hit jo join bomberbar fleet.
we make 2 kills all ok.

then i make i miss click not keep distance 20km

then notice and try turn away and try do cloak
2 3 4 sec and then warp to moon.

halfway in warp he jell kill him.
and i was left behind there alone

Today I join fun ich fleet 20eve time

join there get ship travel
10 jumps behind torinos jut 3 jumps past.

same fac sudeldly say i am afoxer
and other older duus i voiseces i regonaise
just comfor him ye he was past in my corp

and i was kicked out fleet

sadly i listen listen coms how they
eve say i muts be blaslisted.

why fc?

if say duud who love shis voices an talk alot
wknow why

so i officially say i will quit plauing eve online

Tnanks FC

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so that fc who loves his voices say i am afoxser

i just ask what narks he uses?

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i have a question …


u kind try and try be nice gye.

and this wagt it gives u blaclisted

i ma done

im in dodixie all the time
meet me there for a duel

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no duud not enymore eve 1.2 mill skill poits gone now.

i started playuing 2008

i juts hit unstal l eve onlive

so look u duel some noobs

No one really cares if you quit or you stay, it’s all just about what makes you happy, so all the best for the future. 15 years is a pretty good run at one game.


ye time has gome.

other duud who corfort FC to kic me and blaclisated me.

just note “we newer walk alone”


(not mc united)

and i was plauing a lot cos i can
like 16h daily to look pvp /(covid time)

I don’t know exactly what happened. Don’t know if you were done dirty, or deserved it. What I will say us that there is more than one corp/community in this game. Moreover, olmeca gold chose to get revenge when he got kicked from bombers bar.

No one made you quit. That is your choice. Move on, get revenge, quit. Your choice.

Edit. Don’t know how I replied to you Scipio. Meant for op.


so let Me say… i dont have anyme eve online intsallet no need comfort work …hit all i s,h.it to me,

i am done

@Billy_McCandless can you translate for us?


The “chemical haze” is strong in the OP.


I think his ‘afoxer’ means ‘awoxer’ - the fc and whoever else was there to confirm it, thought the OP has killed fleet mates or corp mates in the past.

I have no idea whether that’s true, but if it is, it’s a good reason to be kicked and blacklisted.

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Thanks for using paragraphs! (trying to be positive today)


Oh ffs another one


just try dood untertand we not same spot.

i mis u nice duus hudreds , and i did try be one ,

i just say dont do it other

remeber Why eve is best gae ,was

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CCP said it best: