SRB - 1785DA-CNMR Declare, Alexander

//Service Record Book//
//For Internal, Corporate Use online.//

/Name: Declare, Alexander //

/SRB Number: 1785DA-CNMR //

/Callsign: Lex //

/Age: 34 //

/Eyes: Hazel, tending towards Grey/Green/Blue //

/Hair: Dark Brown //

/Height: 5’11" //

/Weight: 200 //

/Race, Ethnicity: Caldari, Civire //

/Distinguishing Features: Burn to the right side of the face. His mouth is typically bent up in a knowing smirk. //

/Personality: Polite in most regards often seen as a simpleton but is anything but.
/Update Entry YC122.4.15, Appears Mentally stable since relocation, more withdrawn. Possible Memory Lose. //

/Current Corporation Service: Solenus Directive /Update Entry YC122.4.15 //

/Last Data Entry Review: YC115.4.26 //

/Update Entry: YC122.4.15 - Acceptance of contract with Solenus Directive - Pilot //

/Update Entry: YC122.5.115 - Promoted to Lead Pilot Officer - REDACTED MisOps //

/Access to SRB prior to YC122.4.15, information status - Corrupt/Lost - Archive Copy must be requested through official Caldari Navy Records Services. //

/Pilot Log Entry:

/ Location: REDACTED

Date: YC122.4.28

Signature: XOH-195

Combat Action Report

Participants: Mira Cowen, Mink Latur, Kev Riddick, Lex Declare.

Engaged Three waves of Trigvalvians in REDACTED space. All enemy contacts destroyed. The conduit appears closed.

Battle Damage Assessment, Approx 3 Trig Cruisers destroyed, and 12 plus frigates. No friendly casualties to report. //

/Personal Note: These “Trigs” as most are calling them are far more agile and swift then anything I’ve ever seen before. Scouting this conduit I dropped in at over 100km from their pinpointed location via scanner probes, and they were on me and locking within a minutes. They appear to susceptible to Kinect & thermal damage. Cruisers are used as possible repair ships. I’d have been in a bit of a hole if the other three hadn’t warped in to assist. //

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/ Pilot Log Entry: //

/Location: REDACTED //

/Date: YC122.4.28 //

/Signature: LUY-604 “Drone Gathering” //

/While on patrol to locate a possible Conduit breach, Rogue drones located the wreckage and claimed as their own. probably for the metals and alloys they can extract from it. Extremely Hostile. //

/Participant: Lex Declare //

/Battle Damage Assessment//

Hunter Alvi - 1
Predator Alvior - 5
Shatter Alvior - 2
Destructor Alvum - 1
Annihilator Alvum - 2
Shredder Alvior - 2
Devastator Alvum - 2
Silverfish Alvi - 1
Wrecker Alvum - 2

Friendly Casualties - None //

/ Personal Note: As expected standard rogue drone situation, most frigates would be able to handle if they kept distance and moved. Was sort of overwhelmingly sad in a Battleship. Wonder why these Drones keep going rogue in their AI. Is there a programing script error? //


/ Pilot Log Entry: //

/Location: REDACTED //

/Date: YC122.4.29 //

/Signature: OPE-480 “Emerging Conduit” //

/An incoming Conduit from Abyssal Deadspace has been detected. Analysis of Triglavian vessels indicates that Raznaborg variants are present. DED Agents have assessed this conduit as less threatening than the Minor Conduits observed in Invasion systems. //

/Participant: Aristrad Mantrus, Lex Declare, Lucius Britannia, //

/Battle Damage Assessment:

Approximate -

Four Frigates - First Wave
Four Frigates, One Destroyer - Second Wave
Six Frigates, One Destroyer, One Cruiser - Third Wave //

/Status: Cleared, Conduit Collapsed YC122.4.29 //

/Personal Note: Focus fire on single targets with all ships while using Drones as additional support fire/cover seems to work well. They are still extremely fast, warped in at 100 km from the conduit and all ships sit at approx. 170 km. These Trigs seem to cover 70 km in under a minute. //

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/ Pilot Log Entry://

/ Location: REDACTED //

/ Date: YC122.4.30//

/ Signature: None, Hauling of Cargo //

/ Personal Note: 14 jumps away… 14 jumps away, make one more, close that door… 13 jumps away. Decided to retrieve some ships I had a whopping 21 Jumps away. I’d forgotten how… hmm I’m not sure what word I’m looking for in regards to describing making multiple jumps through multiple systems over and over.

Some systems are just quiet peaceful and so overwhelmingly dull that it lulls you to sleep… others are quiet and just so amazingly beautiful you want to shut off your auto pilot and just sit and watch the world fly by… Yeah yeah I know… using Auto Pilot… but I’m literally flying an empty ship with nothing to lose at this point…

Yes likely famous last words.

I did some quiet asking around… seems the Meiyi family has disappeared, or if they haven’t disappeared they aren’t talking or showing themselves around much.

Records still pending retrieval request so for now… I have a whole lot of holes and a lot of lost time.

Well back to watching the jump gates, Oh Note. don’t play truth or dare… specially if you don’t want to be digging around trying to find out what kind of shampoo people use. //

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/ Pilot Log Entry: //

/ Location: REDACTED //

/ Date: YC122.5.1//

/ Signature: Sisters of Eve - Rogue Drone. //

/ Personal Note: Its a strange thing to sit and watch the holo comm channels and listen to the talk of other capsuleers about their dogs. I don’t know why it strikes me as so odd outside of the fact I’m in deep space watching rogue drones… watch me.

There isn’t much I can say on this whole run of events outside of I’m still fairly concerned. At what point does AI go from Artificial intelligence to just intelligence. Sentient thought… and do they have dogs of their own back home?

I suppose I’m waxing all philosophically here due to losing my pod this go around. Was my own damn fault I lost my ship to a Federal Navy blockade due to some poor rep standings from previous actions and had to refit quick. Figured I could pop into .3 space quick grab what I need and pop out…

I’m not sure if it’s comforting to realize that Gate Campers are still out there whole families of them apparently. The thing that irked me was this particular group supposedly offered blue rep status if you paid. They didn’t even give me the opportunity. I’m not so upset about it as I planned on looking into my implants any ways, more frustrated at my own mistake.

Lesson learned I suppose. Back to REDACTED. Only 33 Jumps to go. Does having a pet make you more human? //

/ Pilot Log Entry: //

/ Location: REDACTED //

/ Date: YC122.5.6 //

/ Signature: None, Refit //

/ Personal Note: I’m likely way late to the party on all this Triglavian situation. For some reason they intrigue me more then they probably should. Like a unsolvable puzzle, with a completely obvious way to solve it.

I caught the broadcast from when they hijacked the billboards,

We are Zorya Triglav. We speak for the Convocation of Triglav Outside the Struggle. We are an emanation of the Clades of Perun, Veles and Svarog. Hear the words of our prayer and heed them. The Ancient domains beyond the Flow of Vyraj were lost to us. Intruders in the Ancient Domains corrupted the Flow. Intruders seek to corrupt the Flow of Vyraj and the Domain of Triglav. The Ancient Enemy Azdaja must be extirpated. The Deviant Automata must conform or be extirpated. The Corrupted Narodnya must be extirpated. Human Augmented Narodnya must prove the direction of their Flow. Narodnya moving through the Flow of Vyraj may be fit to enter. Narodnya without fitness will be expelled from the flow. The convocation of Triglav Outside the Struggle invoke Cladistic proving. Glorification of the fit, and mortification of the unfit will unfold in the flow. Triglav outside the sturggle will be glorified anew. Nothing can halt the flow of Vyraj. We speak for the Convocation of Triglav Outside the Struggle…

I’ve always found that knowledge is learned through the process of understanding the written word.

It makes me wonder why they call Drifters - The Ancient Enemy Azdaja is it purely association with within their believes or have the Drifters some how associated themselves with such a Identifier.

Deviant Automata I feel is a far more elegant way to say Broken pain in the ass rogue drone. So many people say they are trying to invade, but I feel after looking deeper at their message as if they are seeking others to prove themselves to fight something.

Drifters? or something else? Suppose I’ll leave that thought for now refit is about complete. //

/ Pilot Log Entry: //

/ Location: REDACTED //

/ Date: YC122.5.16//

/ Signature: None//

/Update Entry: YC122.5.115 - Promoted to Lead Pilot Officer - Kow Azor MisOps //

/ Personal Note: Been spending a lot of time interdicting Pirate operations out here. Its sort of amazing how quickly they logistically recover from a strike on a location. But not surprising as most of them are larger than a normal corporation. I still don’t remember much, but bits and pieces are coming back here and there.

Spent a good bit of time just watching and listening in The Summit. The dynamic of conversation in there range from every day normal to some topics that would make a blood raider blush. It seems to be the norm these days as no topic is really off-limits. Though you don’t glen much noteworthy information often times without really digging past the sublevel of conversation.

The Trigs seem to have returned to their conduits for the time being after hitting multiple sectors all at once. I can see now why the Drifters were hit so hard, wave after wave of ships and they don’t fly nice.

We managed well enough with three Battlecruisers, but its definitely not a group I’d try to take on alone in anything less than a Battleship, and even then you’d be hard-pressed.

I can’t shake the feeling they are testing and building up for something, more. But there hasn’t been a whole lot of new information out there.

Was able to pull this little tid bit out of some salvage.

Triglavian Trinary Datastream XCZ2

Detached Executive Troika for Sublimation of Poshlost Flow dialectical semiosis flow (indecipherable) follows:

Xordazh Chislov Zvemokorg noemata «have highest priority for proving by directive of the Convocation of Triglav Outside the Struggle» (indecipherable) advancing-time discourse-element (indecipherable) «following strategic elements in force relations field operations» (indecipherable)


(indecipherable) as the flow of Vyraj brings communion of the Sobornost to those that may be fit for glorification, the flow shall cleave and cladistic proving shall begin anew in the ancient domains.

The proving of Kitezh and Xordazh shall ground Chislov Zvemokorg noemata, while obstruction and mortification close the ways.

More questions, with little answer. //

/ Pilot Log Entry: //

/ Location: redacted //

/ Date: YC122.5.16//

/ Signature: Agent request //

/Requested to enter The “Seven’s” Space and retrieve a Damsel, yes he used the word Damsel, in distress. Apparently some rather dimwitted starlet has gotten in over her head at a party out there and decided she wants to go home. But as always the local Rats aren’t to keen on seeing her leave. //

/ Participant: Lex Declare //

/ Battle Damage Assessment:

Approximate -

Eight - Frigates
Four - Cruisers
Kruul’s Personnal Cruiser
One - Pleasure Hub
Four - Communication Towers //

/ Status: Cleared, “Damsel safely returned home.” YC122.5.15 //

/ Personal Note: It’s amazing what a little ISk and Rep will get you these days, but it will not clean the smell of alcohol-induced vomit out of the airlock. Hopefully, she learns a lesson from this but by the way she acted as soon as we returned to station and complained we didn’t have any sparkling water I highly doubt that. You know just once it would be nice to pull someone out of a cesspit and be appreciated but I suppose the ISK is appreciation enough, as they say, low morales - High pay . //

/ Pilot Log Entry: //

/ Location: Shaha //

/ Date: YCC122.5.19 //

/ AAR Triglavian Invasion of Shaha //

/ The following is an After Action Review of actions taken against the Triglavian invasion of Shaha on YC122.5.19 by Solenus Directive Pilots.

Engaged Triglavian Invasion Scouts near Misha Customs Office (Misha V)

Participants: Lucius Britannia, Aristrad Mantrus, Lex Declare

Battle Damage Assessment:

Renewing Damavik - 2
Starving Damavik - 1
Tangling Damavik - 2
Harrowing Damavik - 1
Ghosting Damavik - 1
Liminal Vedmak - 1 //

/ Moved to Shaha to hit Full forces.

Signature: DKA-189

Participants: Lucius Britannia, Aristrad Mantrus, Lex Declare, Anabelle Martinez, Eratem

Battle Damage Assessment:

Anchoring Damavik - 1
Anchoring Kikimora - 2
Blinding Damavik - 2
Blinding Kikimora - 1
Ghosting Damavik - 2
Harrowing Vedmak - 1
Liminal Damavick - 1
Liminal Kikimora - 2
Liminal Vedmak - 3
Renewing Damavik - 6
Starving Damavik - 5
Tangling Damavik - 5
Zorya’s Damavik - 1
Zorya’s Leshak - 1 //

/ Friendly lose: Redacted //

/ Result: Sealed YC122.5.19 //

/ AAR: //

/ Sustain - Use Battle Cruisers and ships capable of hitting fast frigate ships. Thermal Damage recommended. Focus fire on single targets as a whole fleet. //

/ Improve - Warp into 100 KM Warp ships with long-range capability first 80 KM or greater, second wave warp in within 5 seconds of first with range capability up to 50 KM. If any Logistical support ships warp in at third wave at 50 KM from the first two waves to keep standoff to allow minimal damage to Logi ships. //

/ Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures, //

/ Target Anchors first, then Starving, then Liminal’s. After that hit, anything left. Focus fire on single called targets by Fleet Commander. //

/ Submitted: //
/ Lex Declare LPO //