Stab changes?

CCP mentioned their motivation about more destruction so many different occations and places. It is everywhere out there…

Strategy they fallow to achieve that … if you pan it in behavioral economics, social psych and human nature well researched aspects … simply primitive … condemned to failiure … and they prefer to stay deaf for any proper inputs.
They do have A PLAN of course . THE PLAN !

I have shared some insights and give some very light examples on my letter to CCP post . Since they direct me there …to forums i had to lvl it down extremely and avoided to share some obscene lvl ridiculous examples of . … still yet it got trolled by the pilots who are not capable to understand and intimidated by the contents complexity even i maxed to tune down.
Letter to CCP

Some hardships worth to take even for years if the result will be constructively positive …
But currently nobody can classified this THE PLAN under that category .
Says science .
I did not made up these aspects… they are all out there in literature …
I m just capable to go eclectic and had been very succesful in rl to use that kind of knowledge to create positive advance in operational lvl…

But well… means nothing here …

Personally, I liked structures. I had quite a few and I was just some putz. They were expensive to maintain due to their fuel consumption, at least for a corporation of only 5 ish players with one character each, but maintaining them gave us something to do. We were able to hold, and defend them for a time. I did lose some to combat, but we got our money’s worth in content. People who wanted something to fight over got the opportunity to fight over them. I think a lot of people had a good time and it was always possible to build another if we wanted to.

I paid for the things and I think I was the one bothered by their destruction the least. I know people are fond of me when they’re more sorry for my losses than I am.

For once… I agree with you.

I miss being able to go after corps and alliance as a 1 man wardeccing corp.

Watchlists was a thing for both sides(if I saw them come online, they could do the same), 3 war limit was ok with me as well.


Worked pretty darn well for me on more than one occasion. :roll_eyes:

I mean they could work, and the current ones can work. But there was and is always a better way to achieve the goal of not getting caught.

My point is there are soooooooooo many tools that are used TO catch a player, this was one tool to counter that.

And now it’s all but gone. :-1:

You have points, scrams, and bubbles to catch people.

You have nullifiers, cloaks, ecm, jump drives, micro jump drives, eyes, third party tools, ect to avoid being caught.


CCP has stated both of those thing in Eve Vegas or developer posts.


Link or lies!

Stabs were always garbage. Self nerfing and giving a false sense of security. We caught stabbed people just fine.

The new nullification changes are not a nerf but a net buff. Sure you have to click a button to activate on most ships but now let’s see - dirt cheap insta warp nullified shuttles to travel with. Nullified cloaky haulers, covert ops. Etc. More ships opened up to nullification. If anything, they went way too far making Eve more bunny land with these changes.

It’s so easy to avoid being caught now. The joke is that the cowards still whine even after getting these massive buffs. The only thing that will satisfy them is if Eve is dead.

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Is also an answer of a question on other thread…i dont know how to quote across threads :frowning:

Look up the last eve vegas with the ccp devs talking about war dec. I don;t know what day it was but it is there.

Warp core stabilizers never should have existed in the first place. I say this as someone who survived with a ship full of event loot only because I had one multiple times in the past week.

It’s not WCS fault that hunter is to lazy to bring friend or take the extra cost and bring faction scram. Unless you are flying one of few hulls that now, actually get any benefit from WCS.

@Ash_Beldrulf You missed the part that it’s CSM that brought war decs to CCP that resulted in change. Because for all of the years before CCP didn’t even noticed how many people just quit due to old war dec system. Clearly show how they don’t have slightest idea of how their own game works and do changes biased on “feedback” of small group of people. Be it CSM or closed communities that are all buddy, buddy with devs and community team. Same thing happened with ECM changes, WCS, nullification and most of “balance” changes in recent years.


That buddy issue is a real deal…also @Algathas yes bunnyland…

And regarding @Ramona_McCandless
Someone asked on another thread… was like how those new players wil get vetted…

Simply they wont …

Why not?

I can explain this two different ways:

  1. Explanation: I have point out some human behavior patterns in letter to CCP . When they make things easier … they sabotaged and shoot their own feets and brake one of the spinal mechanism hold players in the EvE for years . When you consider a game wich require long term dedication and investment to learn and thrive through hardships to become vet , Hardships are not in the main variables what makes players left the game before they vetted … that mechanism works at inverse proportion …

  2. ExplanationWhen we talk about a game aprroaching 20 years which real life skill training and high steep learning curve fact… Some ground breaking changes applied and change the eco system… creates a real difference between generations…
    it is of course very hard for me to explain it in eve s very intevened complex structure so i will simplify with and example …
    Pilots profile and strenght who had been living under before wardeck changes and after… lets say pilot x had been playing 2016 to today and y start playing after citadels lets say both pilots you can call as vet at 2021…
    We are talking about two indy / pvp pilots experience and knowledge about game similair lvls where pilot y catch up with x by learning fast playing intense and gain lot of experience…

Even these two pilots living in same New Eden at the moment … pilot y does not have the perspective knowledge and handling skills around living under war possibilities in any second …

This is very alike generation diferences we see in real life…

This explanation well you can argue and you may say of course that pilot y become a veteran… veteran pilot of given new circumstances and conditions of todays New Eden… But he will never have the perspective and understanding and comparison skills since he had no experience and never will have … it has taken away from him and he is living in milder climates now… and well i havent seen that much cry babies 10 years ago … now look at whole bunch of cry threads they open make ridiculous sugestions to ccp …

Not only in EvE but in real world generations has changed their expectations from games and amount of games at their disposal…

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Without getting too much into it, a lot of what you are saying sounds like it would be easier for newer players to become veterans, and squeeze the older ones out.

Or they can just learn to EVE.

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Yes it is easier now on the paper but in real and No … it is opposite… making things easier doesnt cause things happens , unfortunately it is not possible to get it without get into it too much…
On the other hand it shouldn’t be us who get into these… it must be CCP .
We are the customers who suppose to be enjoy the product without thinking about these … and how it fails…results effects us .