Stand up Sirens -

Please remove. Just broken. Literally make me wasnt to quit playing. I spend money on this game to get ships because making eve career is also broken. Now I will stop paying for ships with RL money because game is broken.

If a struture points you with these. you are dead, there is no two ways about it, your die end of story.



I have had some losses due to sirens myself however I have to say that if you died to a structure you probably deserved it somehow. Structures don’t attack for no reason. I don’t see the issue.


I’ve seen a particular low sec gate camped by a single phobos and structure fighters. Kinda broken, but I applaud the creativity.

Note, they’re not sirens.


I didn’t know they could even burn that far lol

Lol… what were you doing at a structure that did not long belong to you?

Why did you not kill the sirens? That is what we do.


as far as i understand YOU made some mistakes, you ■■■■■■ up. The game is not broken. you are.
If you warped to a non friendly structure that’s your fault
If you decided to attack a non friendly structure without friends (you know that there are ships called logis, yes?) that’s your fault

another point: you seem to take things too seriously for your mental health. you only lost some pixels in a pvp video game.

good riddance?


Wildcard should be ashamed of you.

Well you can say what you want but you sound like a total C u next tuesday.

so when someone shows you where you did mistakes, he is a total C…?
maybe you should talk to your mirror rather than posting on a forum, you would be sure to agree with yourselves

Is that a typo?
I’m not one to correct peoples spelling, but I’m kind of in awe…
If it’s not a typo, who is Ted, what did he do to get tarred in the first place, and how did he wind up needing it done again?
Also feathers can add to the indignity, just sayin

“Help, structure attacking me and I am dead!”

Well, duuuh, why did you attack it first then? Maybe rethink the actual odds of the encounter.

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