Standings and Storyline Missions

Trying to raise corp standings for R&D agents.

I ran 16 courier missions for Duvolle Laboratories. Picked up the Storyline Mission which gave faction standings and Federation Navy Standings, who offered the storyline mission.

Do the Storyline missions get offered by rando NPC Corps or just specific ones. Can I get Storyline agents for Duvolle Laboratories?

Cheers and sorry for the nub questions!

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If there is no suitable storyline agent of your preferred corp in range, you get one from a random corp.

Duvolle Laboratories - Agents - DOTLAN :: EveMaps - Check this and use agents that are close to a storyline agent of Duvolle.


Thanks very much. You rock

faction standing (the one given by storyline) is not considered for R&D agents. You need to raise you corp standing.

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@Archer_en_Tilavine and @DeMichael_Crimson

I am not in a position to post links to your standings guides (my phone is being cranky with copy/paste), so tagging each of you to provide relevant info, if you so desire, on R&D agents, corp vs faction standings, and pros/cons of storyline missions in this context.

@Zhalyd_Lyehin is correct. If you want to get Storyline offers from Duvolle Laboratories, you’ll have to make sure one of their Storyline Agents is the closest one located nearest to the regular mission Agent that you complete the 16th mission for.

For more info on how to repair negative standings or to boost positive standings, check out ‘The Plan’.

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R&D corps have a very slow grind (thanks ccp). So while caldari Navy, you could move up at a steady pace in standings, R&D you’ll grind up like a snail.

At USIA, we could do the work for you on grinding up the R&D agent & the Corp and give you another option for raising the faction standing.

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When I was doing the same thing for the same reason several years ago, I found Brens Devalon in Scuelazyns the best agent to do business with. Storyline agent is next door and I don’t recall any lowsec missions.

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