Standings between Factions


I am aware that if you do the standings mission every 16th mission for a faction it affects your standings with all of the other factions.

Under faction information standings tab there are positive and negative numbers relating to how each faction affects each other.

Question What do the two seperate numbers under each faction mean.


Amarr faction have;

5.0 7.0 for caldari

-1.0 0.0 for Servant Sisters of EVE

Thanks for your help

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That’s their ally’s and enemies if you make friends with 1 faction their enemies will dislike you and their allies will like you :].


Here is a good primer on how Derived Standings work:

I’d suggest reading the entire article to get some broader information on this. The math gets to be a bit complex given the different ratios of standing that you can come across between different factions.

For the deepest dive (and best info) on how to work with and manage these, check out The Plan:


Thanks for the answer

I notice that Gallente have -2.0 -2.0 for Amarr

Does this meaning that standings missions will make Amarr’s Enemies and friends dislike you as they are both in the negative?

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Definitely, amarr and mini are mortal enemies same as cal and gal, and since mini are allies to gal, amarr being caldari allies will hate you.


The SoE arc is repeatable every 3 months, the penultimate mission gives a significant standings boost to the faction you ally with (IIRC you may get a boost to their allies too), without affecting your standings to their faction enemies.

The mission itself can be tough on newer players, so if you are one don’t be afraid to ask for help in local, more often than not someone will roll up in something huge and shiny* to help out.


Here’s a doc that is part of The Plan that can be really useful for tracking your progress if you want to go through it all:

You can save a copy to your local drive if you want to use it.

However, more relevant to your question is the last tab where the various factions and their standings to one another is plotted out.


That shows Amarr Empire has +5.00 standing towards Caldari State who has +7.00 standing towards Amarr Empire who has -1.00 standing towards The Servant Sisters Of Eve who have 0.00 neutral standing towards Amarr Empire.

This graph shows the Standing Relationships for all Factions:
The Graphs are read from left to right.


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