Startup Company General thread

I have been tossing around the idea going public for years now and I have decided to form a public company that will take on investors and give good returns.
I find that the experience I get from Eve online has transferred and translated very well into real life endeavors and getting experience of running a company and dealing with Investments is something that I would really like to have. Specifically creating charts and sharing the profits and losses and Etc I feel like it’s very important to understand with experience so I created this thread to talk about it and to get input from people I have been playing Eve for many years and I really just wanted to create something huge and Lasting but doing it on your own is no fun this is a multiplayer game after all I have to interact with you guys and girls instead of just seeing the numbers on the screen there is real people behind those numbers which is why I’m going to be opening up the business.
My idea is to use the shares system in game to give payouts. Makes it easier.
What do I do to earn money in Eve?
essentially trade.
Earnings will be standard rates. Any other questions or comments you know what to do I love all of you guys and girls take care and I’m out here grinding but as soon as I get established in real life in the next few weeks I’ll be trying to start up this business probably within a month or two you know how it goes with time management and balancing life and everything but Eve online is a passion of mine so I always make time for Eve.


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The startup company is inside of the game though🤔 @ISD_Traindriver

Then I must have misunderstood. In that case, you are offering a service, so to speak, yes?

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I havent established the new corp yet but will be in a month orso, this was to discuss the process and see what people think about it in general.

I’m thinking about what category that might be best placed in then. It’s really Market Related, but also not Corporation Related at all. Maybe General Discussion is the right place until everything has taken shape?

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Ok ty

Yeah, no.

There’s no mechanism to ensure you follow what you say you’re gonna do.
There’s no arresting in EvE.
No Courts.
And you are immortal…

Give it a shot, though.
I do want to read about the next big scam in EvE.

–Gadget keeps her cash under her space mattress


I love the spirit of this post.
I am not a scammer though there are other people who get off on that, I like using EVE as a simulator to gain market and trading experience, this next endevor will be learning to run companies like franchise employees etc.

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You’re going to encounter trust issues. You also need to know the mechanics of shares and the share voting system lest you too gain unforeseen trust issues.


I was about to post a really nice article I remembered reading, written by someone who pulled off a previous ponzi scheme in EVE, but cannot find the link… :frowning_face:
(If anyone else has it, please share!)

It would be perfect as inspiration for your investment company! You would need to get some players to trust you, give some good investment returns for the first participants, so some of them will spread the word to get this ball rolling.

Good luck with your endeavours!

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Bigger pyramid scheme than the giza plateau. Very EvE.

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I plan on keeping 51% shares majority voting rights.

Hahahha i love that no one trusts anyone but also players throw money into the hypernet in the billions like nothing this would be far different but if a loss occurred there would be no difference than tossing it into hypernet.
Im a fair man a businessman and wanting experience the sums dont matter much to me the outcome of going through the motions to gain experience is far more valuable to me, that being said I am highly competetive and do make very good returns already woth no headaches, the headaches of printing profits and sending money to shareholders is something i would like to kearn how to do, and experience.

Pyramid schemes or even the scams I see often in EVE are meh. I dont concern myself w scams, I have a solid reputation and have done business and contracts hundreds of times privately, this is public so its different, I take seriously the role of trust funds etc, I am interested in providing good returns and stable consistent business.
Long term.
I do the work already, so im trying to figure out how to incorporate the public aspect into my already successful private company in EVE.

Hypernet is a raffle with fixed stats, open and for everyone to see (just not for everyone to understand but that’s a besides). There are X number of tickets which cost Y amount and the prize has a value of Z. Very easy, transparent and obvious. It’s gambling.

Investing into some random who either started it as a scam or later decided to make it into a scam (if only because he got bored of it), or who gets taken advantage of by someone else who’s way smarter and/or used social engineering, that’s not gambling: that’s throwing your iskies into the sink hole.

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Maybe you could do a version of the East Indian trade company.

That kind of thing would fit with eve, loyalty to investors but ruthless in making money, a trading company that rivaled Nations

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Maybe you could do a version of the East Indian trade company.

And then accidentally invade a country…

Oh wait, just play Sov.

–Neutral Gadget