Statement from the old Moderators regarding the Broadcast 4 Reps split

Recently the entire moderator team of the Broadcast 4 Reps group commonly decided to split off from the existing administration to give the Broadcast 4 Reps project a new chance. This happened for a number of reasons, and we wanted to make a post explaining our reasons for leaving.


One of the main reasons that this split happened is that every leader of the group so far has gone inactive for months at a time. The administration of the group is one that requires activity and dedication. However, for whatever reason the owner went inactive and occasionally unreachable for the team. This happened with Coffee Rocks, then Emma and then to a lesser extent Marrowbone.

We do understand in Marrowbone’s case she did have grave real life issues to deal with. We did request on multiple occasions that she takes a step back during these times to focus on these things instead of Broadcast 4 Reps. A responsible self awareness which we expect from everyone who is part of the Broadcast 4 Reps leadership. However, she refused to do this.

Issues in Discord

There are two issues to mention, which led to the recent events. Firstly was the after the most recent Test Cyno Vigil. An argument broke out between Marrowbone and the rest of the team over whether we should be going to publicly announced Cyno Vigils hosted by Null-Sec entities, this ended with one admin temporarily leaving and it becoming apparent that Marrowbone never really understood what we were doing up until this point.

The second issue was more recent, a person came to us being stranded in a foreign country, and one of the members of the Discord server helped him. This same member also made a rather rude comment, this then led to a small argument over what to do, with Marrowbone wanting to ban both people, and the rest were fine at letting it go after a warning. This led to an admin and two moderators resigning.

Spam for Heals Charity

One of the main reasons for the inactivity of the Administrators was the Spam For Heals Charity, the purpose for this was to give support to the wider gaming community. The board was formed of Coffee Rocks, Emma, and later Marrowbone, along with some non-eve members. This led to increased workloads which made the Admins go inactive. It also caused our inactivity towards the EVE community as the administration was focused more on our external image and trying to drive up support

However, recently there was also concerns from the wider EVE community that funds from this charity had been embezzled. To address this concern in a public forum in regards to our group, I can assure everyone none of the former moderation team ever had access to that money, the only people who had access to the finances were the board members. However, we cannot say what happened to that money.

The Future

To look to the future, we are still committed to helping the everybody who needs it. Broadcast 4 Reps is a place for everyone. We are here to lend an open ear for everyone and accept you, whoever you are. The fight against self harm, depression and suicide is the reason why we are here - for you.

The moderators have elected Tovanis, to lead the team, someone who has been active since before the start of Spam 4 Heals. The Broadcast 4 Reps in game chat will still be staffed by our moderators.

We are also looking for a new logo and a station advertisement, if you feel that you can create one for us, then send us a message.

Our Main Goal now is to rebuild our relations with the EVE community and regrow the trust that we once had. If you want to get involved please contact us. You can find our new discord here:

The B4R-Team:

  • Tovanis
  • Darrk
  • Yumene/Erika Mizune
  • Diana Valenti
  • Tekucina Rod
  • Jezaja
  • Empmortakaten the Emperor

“the only people who had access to the finances were the board members. However, we cannot say what happened to that money.”

If you’re trying to state that those funds were used for a legitimate (but confidential) cause, you might want to re-word that statement to clarify because even as somebody who’s completely out of the loop regarding B4R/S4H who had no idea that there was any controversy, I’m reading that as ‘a board member stole the money’

Seems to me not to get involved in a domestic dispute!

Marrowbone took the money! ooPs did I just blurt that out!

In the case of lack of evidence you dont have to hold a stance.
It can be stolen or not, cant tell.

Im pretty sure CCP will take a stand against using a legitimate charity cause as a scam. Contact CCP and they will be able to find out what happened to the money.

Unpopular opinion here; shut it down.

Groups like this work great as peer support groups, as many of the people involved at trying to give their own lives meaning while airing their own dysfunctions. But what it morphed into isn’t that and it isn’t “staffed” by people with any kind of professional knowledge while trying to fulfill the role of professionals. There is a reason CCP have distanced themselves from this initiative and why it’s not permitted on the most popular EVE related social media platforms. You guys went from directing players in need to the appropriate social and mental health services to being armchair psychologists in an online cuddlebox where anyone who has a differing opinion gets kicked or banned.

I strongly suggest everyone involved ask themselves honestly why they’re involved and if any of this does more good than harm. One day you’re going to be the reason someone dies.


I couldn’t agree more with you on this subject judge. Its great to be there for folks who need help but those people should be directed to a professional asap and not tossed around to some armchair psychologist.


Can you elaborate how do you know that even? I ask because I had no experience with being there.
Can you provide verifiable example and when the actions there actually worsened situations instead of helping?

As a non-practicing armchair psychologist I am interested in such endeavours.

I’m not sure where Judge is getting his information but we have never said once that we were a replacement for seeing proper mental health professionals. We have always given resources when needed or asked. Always.

If you even look at our statement on our discord (which hasn’t really changed since we started), it says that we encourage people to seek out professional advice from their doctors.

Broadcast4Reps services the members of our video game community by promoting suicide prevention and mental health care awareness, educating the video game community and public about mental health and suicide prevention.

Broadcast4Reps does not condone the solicitation or dispensing of advisement on forms of medical treatment, medical diagnoses, or health and wellness planning. Visitors are encouraged to seek out professional medical advice from their primary health care provider, therapist, or similar licensed medical professional. Broadcast4Reps and its representatives are not responsible should a visitor utilize any statements while engaging in dialogue within B4R or its affiliates.

Tl:dr - Get doctoring advice from your doctor and not a stranger.

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I’m not. According to Marrowbone the money was embezzled from around July 2017, however the Moderators only found out in December when there was a meetings and Marrowbone wanted to move away from the brand.

I cannot say for certain what happened to that money however the facts that i have are:

  • According to Coffee Rocks, there was 2.7k in the bank in June 2017,
  • According to Marrowbone, the charity was bankrupt in July 2017

If that money exists, I can’t say, the charity didnt file income taxes for the past three years or release any other information.

It was registered charity in the US, the best bet for finding out what happened would be the FBI or IRS. CCP can’t do anything in this situation.

I think you don’t understand the point of our group. We aren’t replacing professional help, we are just giving people someone to listen to them. We don’t provide medical help and in the cases where it looks like they will harm themselves or others then we respond by giving CCP their name who contacts the relevant authorities.

If people use a professional service, great. If people want to use us over a professional service then that is their choice, and we should respect that choice and give them the option to choose. In some cases people wouldn’t have gotten professional help, but came to us because we understand their interests.

CCP has never endorsed the charity and never will for legal reasons. However they would help by contacting the relevant authorities when needed. We have their support with what we are doing.

We were removed from the r/eve site because there were so many threads it was unmanageable to police them all as people startled to troll them, it was chanted to deleting the thread and sending them a link to our discord.

I can see where they are coming from in regards to that and we fully support the reddit moderators choice in doing that.

Could you source some proof of that?

We have already helped so many people with their mental health. However we can’t force them to use a professional service so we should exist as an alternative, why don’t you come down to the B4R disords and look at the chat. A lot of people gave been helped.

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First, thanks @The_Judge for your opinion, even if it is unpopular.

You guys went from directing players in need to the appropriate social and mental health services to being armchair psychologists in an online cuddlebox where anyone who has a differing opinion gets kicked or banned.

At this point you’re partially right, but also get some points wrong.
Yes, we maybe have lost a bit of focus on our basics and roots due given circumstances. We’re about to get back on the right track with this new start.
No, we NEVER claimed to be professionals or offered professional help. In every way you get in contact with B4R there is a database available, where you find phone numbers & contacts to professionals for your country. If your country or region is not listed, we find the contact for you.

I strongly suggest everyone involved ask themselves honestly why they’re involved and if any of this does more good than harm. One day you’re going to be the reason someone dies.

The reason why I’m supporting activly b4r is:
To fund my studies at university I’ve been working for the coroner in our county. I’m still doing this as 2nd job at the weekends or in the nights, for over ten years now. Besides the “normal” victims of car accidents, heartattack or whatever reason people die, I have seen hundreds of young people who took their own life. Most of them right at my age or even younger.
In my opinion: None of them was really “lost”…everyone of them could have had a chance if there was someone at the right time, to just speak or listen to their concerns. A chat - a project like B4R is a perfect low-level entry to reach out for help on a very anonymous base.

B4R is also about raising awareness for these matters. We’re not always there, but you, the players, can listen to your corpmates. You can make a difference or if you feel uncomfortable with it just lead them to the B4R channels.

Last year a made a screenshot about a conversation in the moderator chat of Broadcast4Reps. It was never ment to be shared anywhere, but I made it, because I was proud what we - as players - can achieve. Maybe it is time to share it now (anonymized)


Wait, this was real money? Not ISK? WTF?

Yeah, dude, call the police. Thats an actual crime.

It’s because he is generally…handy like that… hahahaha

“ugh, that’s stupid and long played out anyway”?

Fair point…I’ll show myself out…

@The_Judge - People trying to do the right thing, instead of doing nothing at all… I would say you should ask yourself why you are such a douche cannoe. We both know you have a jaded history that is not yet told. Perhaps give that a few minutes to sink in :wink:

With regards to the money. If it was taken, then karma will come to haunt that person. The charity never needed any money and it was foolish in the first place.

Care 4 kids was a passion of mine and I never accepted any rl donations for it for many reasons. One being that the EVE community can be sheep, as it only takes a few to sway the masses. I learnt this the hard way and because of a few individuals, good deeds can die quickly.

@Tovanis - Just do what you think is the right thing. Screw the nay sayers and just try to help anyway you can :heart:

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