Station Pubs/Taverns

I know first-person walking around hangars/stations was tried and abandoned. Obviously mapping for each station is a massive undertaking, and I’m sure there were other considerations.

But one thing I know that turns many prospective players away from Eve is the complete lack of first-person interaction … you build this unique physical model in the character creation process, and then… nothing.

My suggestion is that upon docking in any station, players have the option to “Visit Station Tavern”.

Maybe only 4 or 5 different hallway and tavern layouts would be needed for variety, and the decor/ambience could be changed across identical layouts to match the station/system’s.

Meeting rooms for corps, gangs, etc could be rented at various stations.

NPCs from Eve lore would be added, both “fixed NPCs” (like bartenders and servers), and occasional random NPCs that would appear offering high-value missions, bounties etc for a short period of time at different stations across all of New Eden.

Just think such an addition could add so much depth to the game and player experience.


They couldn’t even make walking around in your own quarters work, much less walking around in a bar with 1,000 other toons trying to render. EVE is about ships in space, not playing dress up in a bar…

Let me paint you a little picture of exactly what it would be like. You would dock at Jita 4-4 and enter the tavern. Upon entering the Tavern (after waiting 10 minutes for 1,500 toons to load in and render), you would see mostly morbidly obese, half naked toons with purple hair and roughly 1,000 scammers with chat bubbles above their head telling you how you can “Start your mining Empire with this Orca” Hypernet scams…

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“Dress up in a bar” is quite the dismissive attitude towards a significant portion of the space MMO customer base, and if/when Star Citizen releases, that’s gonna be a big problem for Eve Online population count and CCP revenues…

The rendering problem is not an issue … simply introduce a 100 player occupancy cap (outside of corp/gang meeting room rentals) with a market-based cover charge to enter the queue to get in to the tavern (cover charge based on number of people in queue).

Ok, so 100 players would simply pay the entry fee and never leave and no one else could enter…

As far as Star Citizen goes, it’s been in Alpha for 10 years, and will be for another 10. By the time it “releases” you’ll need a supercomputer to run it…

you were not only originally going to be able to hang out in bars but you were going to be able to run your own.

CCP tried and just like their side projects that have nothing to do with space ships they showed they weren’t able to achieve it.

Sure, they could never leave, and then players would just go to the tavern at the next moon over for social, or wherever in chat people are advertising an active social scene. It’s not like Jita would be the only place people would go for this.

And you might be right about Star Citizen, but Eve Online has already lost a chunk of players to SC who tried Eve and then left because they wanted some degree of interactivity as a physical toon. A single cookie-cutter bar scene is the lowest barrier to entry in that regard. If it can’t be done, or would hurt other aspects of the game, I agree it should not be pursued … but then be prepared for a significant exodus if you’re wrong about SC and it releases in the next 2-3 years.

Do you know how this attempt was made? Did they bring in a couple senior Devs from another FPS to try and integrate this functionality? Was it more a maintenance issue after development?

research ‘incarna’

The only thing that survived were the micro transactions and the captains quarters. well until the CQ died

Two initial thoughts:

  1. That was 10 - 12 years ago. FPS engines have evolved to the point where integration might not be as problematic.

  2. Star Citizen wasn’t a threat to CCP then … it is now.

Long story short, it’s not going to happen. We can’t even get them to change a few lines of text in the new player tutorial so new players won’t keep asking the same five questions ten thousand times a day, every day, for years…


No its not


i mean… it wasn’t an FPS but that wasn’t the issue anyway.

Scam citizen isn’t even in the same market…

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Personally, I’d settle for a dating sim layout with interchangeable characters in idle animations presented in front of static backgrounds.


A knowledgement the idea was already abandoned…

Appeal to emotion…

Subtle mention of “Eve is dying”…

Poor choice of “Eve-killer”…

Yep. A waste of my time. :confused:


im down.

I don’t think Eve is dying.
I think it is a niche product in a niche corner of a niche gaming genre, so it has a place.
If Star Citizen or some other competitor in the genre isn’t a threat, then Eve has nothing to worry about.

But the evidence I’ve seen, based on the opinion of an acknowledged small group of players who tried Eve and abandoned it, suggests otherwise. This is very small market share in a very small market we’re talking about. Maybe it’s not Star Citizen, and it’s another product.

If I’m wrong, so be it. But I’d hate to see this great game wither on the vine due to a lack of fresh consumers.

oh, it is.

…since 2003

Without meaningful gameplay it’s only going to be picked up by a tiny portion of the playerbase. And considering the significant work load needed to make and maintain what is basically a second game with completely different assets and bolt it onto eve, it’s just not going to be worth it.

It makes sense for CCP to wait until they’ve got a full working avatar/fps game, or are at least developing one, before trying this again.

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